Thursday, 16 March 2017

What I want to do when I am older

My Job I have Picked is System Administrator, because I it pays fairly well and it is something I as a Person Like. There is a good chance of getting into this job. I need 2-4 years of training need the pay is fifty thousand - Eighty Thousand To The Largest pay for a year. I got this info from Here I know this website is correct because it has .govt standing for government. Some of the things I will have to do is Develop OS’s and Related Server Hardware ,Install and Support OS’s  ,Make Sure Storage Recovery and backup is working Properly ,Find and Fix Software and Hardware Problems And More. Some Of The Things I need a range of knowledge is to know a range of OS’s ,Computer Security Systems etc. Sometimes Being a System Admin is that sometimes you have to work over working hours. To Get This Job I Need To get a Bachelor of Computing Systems or diploma in business computing. The Subjects That Will Help Me is  maths, physics and some computer studies. And That is The Job I hope to Get.

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