Sunday, 19 March 2017

What i want to be when i'm older?

What i want to be when i’m older?
When i grow up i want to be a inventor.To achieve this goal first i’ll have to learn how to use parts for building Gadgets, Robots, Broke down cars, etc etc.To start doing this i'm going to think of ideas of what and when to build because building at the right time gives you a successful result.

1-Ideas/Planning:To be successful at this i’m going to have to come up with creative/great ideas such as building Hover Boots or a Hover Bike.I know it took Thomas Edison a couple of years to think of things to build such as the light bulb.So this is going to take awhile to think of things.

2-Parts:To start instead of ideas and planning i’ll need parts to make those ideas into a creation.Parts such as Chips, Cords, etc etc.My first creation might just be something basic and something already built just to get started.

Last but not least-The Creation:I’m going to have to build something successful to be an inventor like maybe another light bulb or a Television if i could.Failure is just something that helps you improve it just helps you get better just like Thomas Edison he didn’t succeed at everything.It took him about 1,000 attempts to build the light bulb.

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