Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Water safe ( Rayhaan's and Lucan's )

Tips on using water with family:
People shouldn’t stand in showers for more than 10 minutes or 20 minutes just looking at the wall or some where because it’s wasting WATER!!! And now we have a very big problem that's making water dirty and silt is going in the drains making the water in your whole house dirty because there wasting water!. So in conclusion all i'm saying is don’t use too much water in the shower or… leave taps on or just when you see water and no one is using it then turn it off and you should only be using 2 buckets in a day. And this one is big when you brush your teeth you have to turn it off when it's going and you're not using it.If you waste the water. you will have to boil the water and if you don't boil the water prop Being water early then you could get a disease like Cholera or Guinea

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