Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Water safety

         Water Danger  
The problem is that our water that we drink is getting mixed with the silt and if we drink the silt water than we will have a disease.
So now the water supply people will have to cut down their water because people are using to much water and wasting the water.For example…
1.leaving the tap on when you are brushing your teeth.
2.staying in the shower for to long.
3.And more
How can we improve by not wasting water?
We can improve by thinking if we had bad water then we could die and maybe trying to be a water police by telling and explaining people to not leave the tap open when you are brushing your teeth and tell them why and to never do that again.Everything could die like humans.animals and also fish because fish will need freshwater to survive.Sea creatures could die because they also need water to survive.We need fresh water not bad water.

BY Hemisha
    DIRTY WATER     &           CLEAN WATER

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