Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Terrerian Chronicles Book 1 The Fire Of Hades

Chapter 1
The Survivors

I wake up in the middle of an open field with a spire like construct in front of me but with no lights or any noticeable lifeforms,I enter through the only noticeable door I am then attacked by 3 disguised figures “what brings you here are you a traveller or are you a spy for the others?” “Answer him NOW!!” “I have no idea what you’re talking about,what others?I just woke up in front of this place.” “Check him” “he speaks the truth” “Fine you may join us but be warned if you if you turn out to be a traitor there will be serious consequences” the three figures unmask themselves “I’m Mark this is Amanda and this is Matt” “I’m Jack” “just to jog your memory all the main elements of the gods have been stolen by someone or something,these are what have been stolen.The Fire of Hades,The Sacred Water of Poseidon,The Earth Cluster of Gaia,The Winds of Njord,The Lightning of Dianmu,The Light of Helios and The Night of Nephthys since they were taken every thing powered by those items stopped working torches,gusts of wind,no electricity we’re trying to get those things back and if and when we do the Sacred items will combine to create a weapon infused with the power of god’s that own them” “He’s right ever since then residents have split themselves into factions:The Ocelots they go around raiding camps and stealing loot and killing anyone that comes in their way they have the night of Nephthys,The Underworlders these guys always use black magic if people get in their territory and have the fire of Hades,The Mermen These guys stay underwater and drag people underwater and take their loot they have the sacred water of Poseidon,The Sky Dwellers These guys control the winds of Njord and will kill anyone that comes near them ,The White Mages use white magic as you could guess. I actually came from that faction but after learning what they do to strangers I left to join these guys Their magic is powered by the light of Helios,The Scientists these guys are actually the people this built this spire .They have a huge city basically just over that lake they are the ones that use electricity they control it with the lightning of DianMu,The last faction no one’s actually seen them but all we know is that they own the earth cluster of Gaia,and that leaves us the Order Of The Sword we’ve all come from other factions because of what we learned the other factions do to strangers.You already know I came from the White Mages” “I’m from the Merman the reason I wear this armor is because it’s infused with water to help with my gills” “I’m from the Ocelots I still retain some of my skills don’t move” Matt shoots an arrow at a bug resting on top of Jack's head “see what I mean by don’t cross us.Now follow us to the armory we’ll fit you with some armor and weapons hopefully it’ll jog your memory about what faction you originate from” the  4 walk up 2 spiral staircases to a room filled with armor and weapons Jack then puts on thief's leather and 2 Tekko-Kagi.Amanda,Matt and Mark exchange glances Matt then steps toward Jack “Umm let me show you how to use those,but did you know that the Tekko-Kagi is one of the main weapons of The Ocelots,so that’s one clue to what faction you’re from” Mark and Jack go up 1 more spiral staircase to a room filled with dummies fitted with armor “now pass me those,this is how you use these” Mark then flips over a dummy slashing it to bits “looks easy enough” Jack then does the same as Mark “that’s one more clue to how you can be from The Ocelots.Ok tonight I want you to attempt to steal at least one item from each of our rooms”

Chapter 2
The Test

“It’s time for the test” Jack then puts his outfit on and his Tekko-Kagi.He enters making sure not to be seen by the motion sensors and security cameras “yep loads of water and fish definitely Mark’s room.Hmm what would be least important to Mark,probably this fishing hook” Jack then swipes a fishing hook resting beside a pool filled with water with Mark resting in the middle of it. “Hmm pentagrams and spell books definitely Amanda’s room,this spell book looks like it’s not that important” Jack then swipes a spell book clutched in Amanda’s arms. “Animal skin rugs,loads of weapons and it being the last room definitely Matt’s room,what would be least important to Matt.Probably this sword?” Jack swipes a blade off of Matt’s desk.Jack rushes out of the building,”where is it!!” “what on earth are you talking about” “someone took my sword” “I think you brought this on yourself.Didn’t you ask Jack to steal something from us?” “oh yeah sorry guys,do you know where he is?” “I’m right here, you guys want your stuff back they’re right here” Jack passes the items he swiped from the other’s bedrooms ‘and that’s one more clue to you being from The Ocelots.That’s ⅗” “this is getting repetitive” “that makes two of us” “so does anyone want to go after the fire of Hades?” “Alright then Amanda,Matt are you in?” “Fine” “Ok”
“let's go then” “first let’s grab our stuff,I need to grab my spell book my staff and my ring” “I need to grab my hook which I swiped from The Mermen it allows me to change to different sea animals” “oh good point give me a minute” “so Mark what do Mermen eat exactly? You said they eat people if they get in their way” “well they do eat people but they don’t always eat them actually they hate eating humans,they mainly lure animals into the water and devour them” “Amanda what does that ring do exactly?” “This ring allows me to teleport to locations I can see and have been to it also make weapon.” “so do the factions have different groups for different parts of the world or is it one big group?” “It’s different for every faction the scientists are just one big group the Ocelots have a base where the other groups send their loot to their boss,the Mermen are one big group that travels using the water ,the Sky dwellers are one big group that turn into wind to compare their loot and then there's my faction, The white mages they have multiple groups that use these rings to send their loot around,like I said no one knows about the mountain ones,the underworlders have multiple groups for the other areas of the underworld” “I’m done” Mark stumbles down 2 steps then falls all the way down landing in front of the other 3 “honestly Mark do you really need all that,what’s this for anyway” Amanda holds up a rubber chicken “it's all very important for our journey” Mark snactchs back the rubber chicken “i'm not sure a rubber                               chicken is gonna be very useful for where we're going it's probably going to melt into a little puddle” “I know of a use if it melts we could use it to slip up the Underworlders” “good point Jack” “no it Isn't a good idea and enough jibber jabber let’s go get the fire of Hades now”
Chapter 3
The Journey To The Underworld

“Mark are you sure you want to be here you’re shrivelling up” “I’m all right what are you talking about” Mark turns towards Matt his skin dry as if there has been a drought on his face,he falls as if his muscles were just one strand of string “see what I mean?” “yep come on Mark I’m taking you back home you need some healing,you guys go ahead don’t wait for us” “no we’re coming with you if we go too far you won’t know where we are” “he has a point” “shush Mark you need to rest,you guys come with me” Amanda opens a portal which leads to their base “Stay here with Mark,I’m gonna go get some medicine“ Amanda returns with a bottle shaped like a whale “this should make sure you don’t shrivel up when we’re in there “fine i'll take” before Mark can finish his sentence Amanda shoves the medicine down his throat “what is this?” “it’s just whale guts.What’s wrong with that you eat animals all the time”  “yeah but not whale guts, sea creatures are my friends but if it’s gonna stop me from shriveling up I’ll take it” Amanda opens another portal leading to the underworld’s entrance, they arrive in front of a flaming gate behind stand 2 devils with flaming scythes “stand back guys I got this” Mark smashes a fishing hook on the ground and transforms into a large pistol shrimp.He snaps both of his claws so fast the devils are sent flying back into a pool of lava and are burned to a crisp “see,what did I tell you”
“Transform you shrimp before I fry and eat you” a shrimp sized Mark smashes his now tiny hook on the brimstone and transforms back to normal size “what were those Amanda?” “those were demons they throw their scythes at anybody that gets in there way” “well looks like we’re here you guys ready to get burnt”

Chapter 4
The Wall Of Flesh!

“Ok everybody got their weapons ready because this is it right Amanda?” “Yeah down this hole the Wall Of Flesh should lie” “alright let’s jump in on  3 1,2,3!!”wait did you just say wall of fleshhhh” the 4 jump down a crimson hole landing in front of a wall covered in some sort of molten lava rock they looked around them,there a were lakes full of lava,fire bats,lots of fire demons all of their jaws wide open you know Amanda how you talked about the wall of flesh if by any chance is that it?” Jack says while pointing to a wall made of molten rock and disembodied limbs and eyes “well you are right it still doesn’t change how ugly it is” “oh okay,it is really ugly almost as ugly as Mark” “what did you just say about me” “I don’t think that’s the problem guys,look over there” Matt points towards a now moving wall of flesh “leave now or face your doom” the wall of flesh opens his mouth wide open tentacles reach out attempting to grab the 4 heroes “stand back guys and by stand back I mean really stand back” Mark says while he is wacked by one of the monsters tentacles “okay now you’re gonna get it” “I think we should help this time” “yeah” “definitely”  Mark smashes his hook on the side of the of flesh transforming himself into a killer whale and takes a huge chomp out of the wall of flesh and spits it out into the lava lake then after he sprays the wall of flesh with a powerful beam of water sending into the lava “whaat diid II teell youuu” Mark leans forward and smashes his  now huge hook on the corpse of the wall of flesh transforming himself back to normal form “well look likes we didn’t have to do anything” “yeah looks like he had a whale of a time” “no more bad puns Jack” “ok but you have to admit that was pretty good” “let’s just grab the fire of hades from behind where the wall of flesh was guarding it” Matt lowers Amanda down to where the wall was guarding and Amanda puts the fire into a bottle and then she opens a portal and they all disappear.