Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Technology Term 1 By Brayden

For technology I did sowing so wat I did first was making a tea towel so what I did was cut a sheet of fabric then pinned it 1cm so it would look nice. Then once I did that I ironed the tea towel and the fabric. Next I measured to 7cm from the tea towel. Then finally I pinned the tea towel and the fabric then sewed it with straight stitch.

For the next day we made drawstring bags so what we did was get a 28cm length and 28cm width. After folding it so the drawstring sleeve is showing leave two centimeters then cross stich the hanging sides. After I did that I turned that inside out then thread the drawstring through the sleeve then tieing a knot I had completed it.

Next I made a green drawstring using the previous steps then I helped tidy up. After lunch I made a hackey sack so I cut 15cm by 10cm and I repeated it so I had two looking the same then I sewed it up leaving the top up.. Well I did not so I did everything so I did the two small sides 1 long side and half of a long side stuffed it with sand then sewed it up the packed up

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