Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Technology ( Blog Post ) -Lucan

For technology what me and the group done was 6 assignments that Mrs father girl asked of us. so for the first assignment was the Rule of THIRDS!!. it was taking 3 photos and put a photo in like a corner or in the other corners. ASSIGNMENT 2! was named Zoom,Zoom,Zoom and it was taking photos of something but going closer every time. Assignment 3 was Giraffe,Mouse,Possum and it was taking photos of perspectives like for mouse you would take a photo on the ground looking straight or upwards and giraffe is taking a photo from high looking down at something. and possum was a photo that can see all around or at 1 object. Assignment 4 was named four faces and it was taking photos in different perspectives like a head shot photo or a frame shot,interesting body part and interesting perspective. assignment 5 was about making digital flashcards and i done it with Charlie and Edwardo and me of course :). and it was abc like being respectful and you had to take a photo of. (example) you need to take a photo of someone doing a bad thing and then a good thing. last but not least assignment 6! was a fun activity it was taking photos of the whole ALPHABIT (i couldn't make it smaller) in photos like D for delilah (Done :D)

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