Tuesday, 21 March 2017

NZ's Water Saving

Water NZ

NZ is suffering from a major water problem. From all the storms and raining that has been happening, the dirty water has been getting into our clean water, making us have to use less of the water that we have been using so that the water plants can help stop this problem. If we do use too much water, we will have dirty, clay coloured water coming out of our taps and we will have to boil your water which will take hours on end. To help NZ fix this, use less water by:
Turning off the tap during brushing your teeth, showering for about 3-5 minutes, not wasting water and not playing with water like having water fights or even water slides. 
So help save NZ from our nasty, dirty water or you, and the rest of the country will LITERALLY SUFFER!!!   
Image result for auckland water silt 

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