Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Being water smart

Being water smart

             This water issue began to start on March 11th 2017

    The problem that caused the whole water issue is that there was a storm that came and the silt polluted the water in Auckland.  The water care people are urged to reduce their household’s by 20 litres a day.

Tips on how to save up more water:

  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth – this can save 6 litres of water per minute.
  • Take a shorter shower, a short shower would take you 3 to 5 minutes- Shower can use anything between 6 and 45 litres per minute.
  • Only use your washing machine when it is completely full and you can’t squish anything else in.
  • Put on fuller loads using your washing machine, which will mean less of having to do lot’s of little loads.

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