Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Being Water Smart By Michael

Do you want to be drinking garbage everyday if you don’t you should be drinking less water and turning your taps off once you’ve finished.If you don’t you might get infected  with Giardia , Cholera , Cyclosporiasis or Giardiasis.

These are just some water born diseases and if we don’t be water safe animals will get infected or die which would affect how food gets around fishermen would either get infected fish or nothing at all and salad items would soak up water that has silt in it which would infect vegetables such as tomatoes and lettuce which would mean if you for instance went to McDonald's and got a Big Mac.

The beef and salad items may be infected and if so you would get infected as well so unless you want to get deathly sick you should use less water everyday,turn off your taps once you are finished using them and make sure you turn off the shower once you’ve finished using it.so I hope I’ve convinced you.

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