Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Auckland water problem by Kaleb

Lately there has been a water problem in Auckland all of the silt is getting into the water and the people can't filter it the water is going a light brown and it looks disgusting. We need to save our water so we can get new fresh water and throw out the bad water and this is how you are going to do this.

  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth
  • Only wash your hands for 10 seconds
  • Try and be fast in the shower at most 10 minutes

If we don't do this the water will get worse and we can get bad diseases like giardia and cholera. We can't survive without fresh water for three days and it can also get into our food because fruit and veg when they grow they need water and most people use tap water so that's all of that fruits and veggies infected it will also get into our milk and eggs when the animals drink the bad water which will get into their milk eggs and even meat and when we eat or drink it, it would be really bad. Everything in a McDonald's cheese burger the patty, bread,butter,lettuce,tomato and cheese would all be contaminated

By Kaleb

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