Thursday, 30 March 2017


For my technology I did electronics

On the first day we made an circuit out of diodes, next we made a low voltage tester out of a Popsicle stick with copper button,copper strip and a resistor to make it and we also had to do some soldering on it so it would work and it was so cool.

On the next day we made a steady hand game it took as the whole entire day to make it but it was worth it since mine work.

By Tane

Technology - Soft material

Soft material

We made a bag and a t towel and also we made

1.So 1st we had to choose our material
2.we had to measure our material
3.we had to cut our material the size you want
4.Next we did was pinning the corners
5.And then after that sewing your object


Digital Photography

Digital Photography

When we did digital photography with Miss Fothergil we had to take photos and learn how to use pick monkey. When we took photos we had to take them on the sides not just in the middle, it makes the photo more powerful if we take on the sides. Also we had to take photos down on the ground and a photo that is facing downwards. After that we had to put it on pick monkey and crop the photo then add to our slides. The elements of taking a photo is colour, light, line and moment. Here are some photos I took.

By Nat

technology By rayhaan

What I did for technology……….

Iam doing soft materials
The first item we made was a towel and the steps we took was first thing we did was we had to find a piece of material and had to measure it and after we measured it we had to cut it out.We had to iron it and after we had iron it we had to then pin it to the towel and then we had to sew it on and this it what it looks like

I also made a bag the next day and to make that bag I had to get a piece of material and then measure it the after measuring it I went to cut it out and after cutting it out I had to fold the top and then stitch it.We had to then stitch it together then we we turned it out side out and then we added our srip.

Technology, Term 1 2017 By Emma

Day one of technology.
For technology I had sewing with Mrs Notley.
We first were taught how to identify different types of materials. After that she tested us, using the materials.

We made tea towels for the first session. It was harder than I thought to be honest. We had to measure and cut the material, Which was hard at first because the scissors didn’t work very well.

Day two.
In day two we made bags for our phones or sunglasses which was easier than the tea towels, believe it or not. After lunch we made hacky sacks which was easier again.


For Technology I did electronics and it was really fun!!!
What we did for electronics we made a hand made game and we got to use a soldering iron,soldering wire,safety glasses,wires, and a lot more. My favorite thing I did there was I got to know how to use a soldering iron. At the start I did not really know what to do but like kind of in the middle I got used to it.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Technology ( Blog Post ) -Lucan

For technology what me and the group done was 6 assignments that Mrs father girl asked of us. so for the first assignment was the Rule of THIRDS!!. it was taking 3 photos and put a photo in like a corner or in the other corners. ASSIGNMENT 2! was named Zoom,Zoom,Zoom and it was taking photos of something but going closer every time. Assignment 3 was Giraffe,Mouse,Possum and it was taking photos of perspectives like for mouse you would take a photo on the ground looking straight or upwards and giraffe is taking a photo from high looking down at something. and possum was a photo that can see all around or at 1 object. Assignment 4 was named four faces and it was taking photos in different perspectives like a head shot photo or a frame shot,interesting body part and interesting perspective. assignment 5 was about making digital flashcards and i done it with Charlie and Edwardo and me of course :). and it was abc like being respectful and you had to take a photo of. (example) you need to take a photo of someone doing a bad thing and then a good thing. last but not least assignment 6! was a fun activity it was taking photos of the whole ALPHABIT (i couldn't make it smaller) in photos like D for delilah (Done :D)

Technology Term 1 By Brayden

For technology I did sowing so wat I did first was making a tea towel so what I did was cut a sheet of fabric then pinned it 1cm so it would look nice. Then once I did that I ironed the tea towel and the fabric. Next I measured to 7cm from the tea towel. Then finally I pinned the tea towel and the fabric then sewed it with straight stitch.

For the next day we made drawstring bags so what we did was get a 28cm length and 28cm width. After folding it so the drawstring sleeve is showing leave two centimeters then cross stich the hanging sides. After I did that I turned that inside out then thread the drawstring through the sleeve then tieing a knot I had completed it.

Next I made a green drawstring using the previous steps then I helped tidy up. After lunch I made a hackey sack so I cut 15cm by 10cm and I repeated it so I had two looking the same then I sewed it up leaving the top up.. Well I did not so I did everything so I did the two small sides 1 long side and half of a long side stuffed it with sand then sewed it up the packed up


For technology I did electronics and it was really fun because we a hand made game and we use a soldering iron to stick together instead of glue it is stronger. But don’t touch the  soldering iron because is really hot. When we  soldering iron we need safety glasses. Mr fourie gave as a riddle it is  soldering iron down 1 2 3 soldering wire down 1 2 3 soldering wire up 1 2 3 soldering iron back.

By: Jamie Wickes      

Thursday, 23 March 2017

who inspires me

I think my uncle inspires me because he say to follow my dreams  so i do.And he helps me with my drawing  and he helps me with my work so that's why i think my uncle inspires me.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Being water Smart. -By Emma

Why we need to be water smart:

There has been contaminated water going around in Auckland due to all of our storms; the problem is not that we don't have enough water but that too MUCH water has been contaminated. The Problem is that silt has gotten into the dams and due to that all of Auckland needs to save and consume water. If each person uses 20 Liters less a day, this problem will be solved faster.

The Things That Could Happen If We Didn't Save Water:

If we do not start to save water now, We will end up having to boil our water every time we need to use it; This mean we will have to boil water before we drink, before we shower, before we wash our hands, before we brush our teeth; basically instead of turning on the tap we will have to boil it.

Tips On How To Be Water Smart:

  • When you are going to brush your teeth, don’t leave the water running as you brush your teeth
  • Take shorter showers
  • If you have just washed you hands; don’t leave the tap running while you dry them
  • Check for Leakages

Being water Smart By Sofia

Being Water Smart 

Due to the heavy rain that Auckland has had there is not enough water for everyone because some of the water has been infested with silt so everyone needs to lower to two less buckets a day.
Tips And Tricks On The Usage Of Water
1. Cut your shower time by two minutes: Approximate saving = 16 litres
2. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Approximate saving = 4 litres
3. Only run your dishwasher when it’s full.
4. Only run your washing machine when it’s full.
5. Use the half-flush on your toilet.

What Your Life Will Be Like If You Use Too Much Water
(until the water has been decontaminated)

We would end up having to boil our water each time if you use too much water and who wants to boil water every time you have a shower or brush your teeth.

Being Water Smart? - Delilah

Image result for dirty water

Are you being water smart?

There has recently been a storm in Auckland and has created dirty water. Watercare dams in Hunua Ranges have been contaminated with silt. This situation we are in is very bad because if we use too much water, we will only have dirty and unhealthy water. Nobody wants that! Here are some ways we can save water and save our water supply

  • Take shorter showers
  • Don’t keep the tap running when brushing your teeth or shaving  (this can save 6 litres of water per minute)
  • When washing your car, go to the car wash instead of doing it yourself

If we waste water, we will have to drink dirty water and dirty water can give you LOTS of bad diseases like…

  • Cholera
  • Amoebiasis
  • Dysentery
  • Hepatitis
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Malaria
  • Polyomavirus Infection
  • Waterborne
  • Guinea worm

By Delilah!

How to save our water. By Scarlet

How Can You Become A Water smart Kiwi.

Today I am going to tell you how to be a water smart kiwi because the fresh water is
Running Out!!! I’d like to ask u how much water do u use in one day.  The water that we use for everything is going to turn into gross swamp looking water but we can stop that from happening, and that's when I come in.

At Home:

  1. When washing the dishes fill the sink up with water instead of washing everything as individuals.
  2. Have a 5 minute Shower ( or less )
  3. Don’t pour water down the drain, pour the rest on your plants.

At School:

  1. Bring a water bottle to school.
  2. Go to the bathroom at home in the morning.
  3. Check the water taps at school ( turn them off if their not being used)

If we do these things we will be able to save our fresh water.

By Scarlet

Being water smart

Being water smart
In around March the 11th there was a big storm that spreaded all around Auckland, but Clevedon was the worst. There was silt in there water and it was even in water that they drank, ( and there was a big flood too ) . You are probably thinking how this all started. Well on the 21st of March that was the most busiest water work days in the week and we all got rid of most of the clean water in Auckland. Before Tuesday the 7th of March they just started saving  Auckland water, and on that day citizens from Auckland drank around 424 Million Liters of water. How we can stop this you may ask? Well I believe that… one > you should always be turning off the tap when you're brushing your teeth at home and then turning it off when  you are done. Two > we should all take shorter showers : Right now showers use 6 to 45 liters of water you use in every one minute. And three > You should always turn off your taps at home because a dripping tap can waste 15 liters of water a day, and 5,500 liters of water a year. ( If you left it on ). If we don’ t start saving our water now we will be at the risk of being thirsty and we will then start getting tired and then we will get to the point where bad things start happening…

For more information visit the water care website at

Being water smart

Being water smart

             This water issue began to start on March 11th 2017

    The problem that caused the whole water issue is that there was a storm that came and the silt polluted the water in Auckland.  The water care people are urged to reduce their household’s by 20 litres a day.

Tips on how to save up more water:

  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth – this can save 6 litres of water per minute.
  • Take a shorter shower, a short shower would take you 3 to 5 minutes- Shower can use anything between 6 and 45 litres per minute.
  • Only use your washing machine when it is completely full and you can’t squish anything else in.
  • Put on fuller loads using your washing machine, which will mean less of having to do lot’s of little loads.

Are you being water smart?

This year in Auckland, we have a problem that we haven’t had in ages. A huge storm have came to attack Auckland in the 11th of March 2017, that caused the silts have came down to the water that we used from. The Water care have set a target for us that we should be only using 400 million meter a day. But we are using 419 million meter a day. Do you know that if you keep on using a lot of water this we’ll have to boil the water before we use it?

Tips that will help Watercare to get rid of the dirty water.
  1. Only shower for 2 minutes.
  2. Turn off the tap when you are putting soap on
  3. Turn off the tap as soon as you finished washing your hands.
  4. Wash your paint brush in a glass of water

If we don’t save water, we’ll have no clean water in Auckland. Imagine if we only have dirty water left we’ll have to boiled the water before we use it. Dirty water will also affect our health. You might get diseases like campylobacteriosis, cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis.

By Amy

water safe

The problem about our water is?
Rain water polluting our water with silt in auckland and that is not a good thing
What is silt ? silt is fine sand ,clay,other material carried by running water
Solution for this?
We could use less water how?
We could turn off the tap when you brush your teeth
We could have shorter showers
We could turn the taps outside off when we are finished
And what could go wrong if we don’t do these things?
You could get Water-borne diseases
You could get Guinea worm disease
You could get Lead poisoning
You could get Cholera
And more so please take my advice and save water thanks for reading

By: William

Why we should be water smart
Did you know Auckland use to be an amazing place with our water but these days our water is turning into this    The silt-laden Hunua Dam. who wants to drink this I don’t but we I mean Reremoana need’s to stop silly around the water fountains, you know why I’m saying this because if we don’t have water in 3 days we can die, water is more important then food. Well they are both important to as but if you don’t drink fresh water in 3 days you can die and for food it takes a week to get sick and die with food.

You know why this is important because 5 year old 6,7,8 year old and that’s way to young for someone die. So we need to use less water or were going to drink dirty water at that is gross.

By:Jamie Wickes

Water safety

         Water Danger  
The problem is that our water that we drink is getting mixed with the silt and if we drink the silt water than we will have a disease.
So now the water supply people will have to cut down their water because people are using to much water and wasting the water.For example…
1.leaving the tap on when you are brushing your teeth.
2.staying in the shower for to long.
3.And more
How can we improve by not wasting water?
We can improve by thinking if we had bad water then we could die and maybe trying to be a water police by telling and explaining people to not leave the tap open when you are brushing your teeth and tell them why and to never do that again.Everything could die like humans.animals and also fish because fish will need freshwater to survive.Sea creatures could die because they also need water to survive.We need fresh water not bad water.

BY Hemisha
    DIRTY WATER     &           CLEAN WATER

Auckland water problem by Kaleb

Lately there has been a water problem in Auckland all of the silt is getting into the water and the people can't filter it the water is going a light brown and it looks disgusting. We need to save our water so we can get new fresh water and throw out the bad water and this is how you are going to do this.

  • Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth
  • Only wash your hands for 10 seconds
  • Try and be fast in the shower at most 10 minutes

If we don't do this the water will get worse and we can get bad diseases like giardia and cholera. We can't survive without fresh water for three days and it can also get into our food because fruit and veg when they grow they need water and most people use tap water so that's all of that fruits and veggies infected it will also get into our milk and eggs when the animals drink the bad water which will get into their milk eggs and even meat and when we eat or drink it, it would be really bad. Everything in a McDonald's cheese burger the patty, bread,butter,lettuce,tomato and cheese would all be contaminated

By Kaleb

Water safe ( Rayhaan's and Lucan's )

Tips on using water with family:
People shouldn’t stand in showers for more than 10 minutes or 20 minutes just looking at the wall or some where because it’s wasting WATER!!! And now we have a very big problem that's making water dirty and silt is going in the drains making the water in your whole house dirty because there wasting water!. So in conclusion all i'm saying is don’t use too much water in the shower or… leave taps on or just when you see water and no one is using it then turn it off and you should only be using 2 buckets in a day. And this one is big when you brush your teeth you have to turn it off when it's going and you're not using it.If you waste the water. you will have to boil the water and if you don't boil the water prop Being water early then you could get a disease like Cholera or Guinea

Netball with Mel from Counties Manukau :)

Today, we did Netball with Mel. This was really fun! Todays lesson was about shooting skills. We learnt how to hold the ball properly and to keep your arm straight. For our warm up, we did shuttle runs, skipping with high knees and we learnt how to brace ourselves if we collide with another getting the ball.

  • Delilah :)


Like some of you know Auckland is having an issue with the water since we have had a lot of rain, so the dirt on the hills have gone down into the water plant so now they are going to get rid of the dirty water so we need to conserve our water usage.

so how you can help us is to take one minute showers, when brushing your teeth turn off the tap when you start and back on to rinse your toothbrush then turn it off, also we want you guys not to be silly around taps because if you accidentally turn it on and don’t tell someone quite a lot of water is wasted, why we want you guys to do it is that we are going over the limit of water so when they take out the dirty water there won't be any left.

The consequences is that a lot of people are going to get sick from diseases in the dirty water and some of the diseases will lead to death or the hospital.

water safe

The problem about our water is?
Rain water polluting our water with silt in auckland and that is not a good thing
What is silt ? silt is fine sand ,clay,other material carried by running water
Solution for this?
We could use less water how?
We could turn off the tap when you brush your teeth
We could have shorter showers
We could turn the taps outside off when we are finished
And what could go wrong if we don’t do these things?
You could get Water-borne diseases
You could get Guinea worm disease
You could get Lead poisoning
You could get Cholera
And more so please take my advice and save water thanks for reading

By William