Monday, 20 February 2017

The Secret Of The Bermuda Triangle

Chapter 1

The mutants

On an unexplained island in the middle of the Bermuda triangle 6 horribly deformed bodies with fungi sprouting out of gashes in their skin,with eyes hanging out of  their sockets limbs missing snapped pieces of bones where the limbs should be “who me,who people.” said a gruff scraggly voice “eeeeaaaarrrrgggghhhh.”a demonic voice screeched and suddenly out of nowhere a falcon appeared with wings stripped of it’s feathers and flesh left only with dark emerald shaded bones and razor sharp talons and teeth dripping with poison. 1 by 1 more hideous creatures rise. one of the mutants floats up  joining the bone falcon each speaking in fragmented sentences and turning into even more hideous animals each ripped of their flesh and fur/feathers though still keeping their missing limbs and snapped bones.The falcon and all of the bone animals confused about where they are .         then they get grabbed by a very large green hand and get smacked into ice chunks and pieces of metal around the island and the falcon flies into the  wall of a shipwreck tagged with pictures of anthropomorphic squids and octopi labelled by what seems like decades old untranslatable symbols fully shattering it with poison splatting of it’s talons and teeth and onto the ice then each of the bone animals follow each releasing a devilish scream resembling their animal that they are skeleton of once they ran into the side of the shipwreck then suddenly  what's left of it and the rest of the bone mutants excluding  an supremely mysterious floating mutant begin to get enveloped by a green energy “COME!” suddenly the green energy disappears  and then replaced by a cyan force field “It appears that someone is trying to contact us  via telepathy.”the mysterious mutant tells  the other mutants while reassembling the bone falcon and and the other bone animals reverting them to their former skinned state.

Chapter 2

The journey of peril and death

5 years from when the 6 mutants found themselves on a island in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle they have all started to admire each other and help each other build shelters from constant psy attacks from their capturer and constant harsh weather changes and tending to their needs as skeletal animals and their neutral mutant form.while the psychic mutant ponders on how he and his mutant friends can escape their prison in the middle of the bermuda triangle the other 5 mutants spend their time searching one of the hundreds of thousands shipwrecks on their prison “mind giving more light fish man.” “i really wish you would stop me that but i’ll do it anyway. ” then suddenly with a devilish crie a skeletal stingray appears with the electricity running through his bones he lights the pitch black hallway of the shipwreck with a blinding yellow glow “thanks.” “enough rambling let’s get this search over and done with” and one by one the mutants let out devilish cries replacing themselves with a skeletal praying mantis,wolf,mole and falcon. As the mutants go deeper into the shipwreck they find skeletons of anthropomorphic squids and octopi “what happened here these all look human like but also like squids and octopi” “i think they might be the mutants that were abducted and placed here before us” before the mutants could react they all drop to the floor unconscious.unknown to the mutants abductor the leader of the 6 was watching the entire incident through the eyes of his companions “i told them all to be cautious i guess i’ll have to look for them” the moment continuing over and over in his mind the leader of the mutants comes across his unconscious friends “what could have knocked them out?thankfully they were all in skeletal form so they were only scratched rather than seriously injured” “what happened to us? all i remember is skeletal anthropomorphic prisoners running at us and then we all got knocked out” after the mutants explain what happened in the shipwreck the leader says that they should try to harness their powers before going into any of the shipwrecks “if anyone goes in remember that you will be forcing us to come in after you and thus spreading us quite thin and susceptible to other psychic attacks” “blah blah blah can’t you just let us do something exciting rather than listen to your lame lectures all day” disregarding the remark made by his friend.The leader for the 1st time on the island he lands on to the ground and walks into his shelter blocking it back up as he enters it “now you guys have done it i hope you all are proud of what you’ve done” the leader’s closest friend walks into his shelter the final sound heard by the mutants in a fierce howl into the night.

Chapter 3

An unexpected surprise

“What do you expect me to do!” “i would expect you to respect him,he is the one who has come to grow accustomed to his powers,now you better apologise or when you inevitably go into a shipwreck we won't come in after you” as that conversation ends a demonic cry is heard from all angles when that sound ends a skeletal ape exits from the leader  of the mutants shelter “uhh is that you?” “grunt,grunt” “psst i think that this is what he turns into similar to how we change into animals except he seems to have losts his abilities” “what makes you think that Hmm?” “sorry could you try to change back it’s just we need some time to adjust to this sudden change” “fine I understand,i’ll have to adjust as well” Within A week the mutants have have explored more shipwrecks and learned more about their capturer “they have grown weary of us we need to eliminate them” “okay let’s have a rundown of what we know about our capturer we know he’s amphibious,must really like squids and octopi,clearly isn’t alone and must have supernatural abilities because from what we’ve seen it seriously wouldn’t Surprise me” “All right Bone shrieker and Bone stinger you two scout the area bone slicer and me will follow Bone driller and Bone crusher will probe the area And Bone driller will dig underground to scout Let’s go” “Bone shrieker i’ll light things up you screech and scout ahead” then blood curdling screams are sent through the corridors of the ship “Shriek let’s go sparky” “If we’re playing this game i’m calling you clucker” “just hurry before your bickering gets us captured” and with that bone shrieker and bone stinger speed through the corridors sticking right next to each other making sure not to be captured “Guess it's our turn come on bone howler” off bone slicer and bone howler go this time using bone howler’s enhanced senses to see the way through the dark corridors “bone driller you know what to do” bone driller drills through the metal plating of the ship know able to sense movements on the ground leading both him and bone crusher “we must set defences you all stop them while i escape” “what you can’t leave us with those things” “who cares look at yourself now go stop them now!!”

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