Monday, 20 February 2017

School House Spirit Day

School House Spirit Day

Tuesday 21st February

Dear Parents/Guardians

This Week on the 24th of february (Friday), Reremoana school  are having a School House Spirit day  So students Wear  your house colors in mufti. If you don't know what house your child is in ask your teacher. Your Child will be in a class before the parade at 3:35 Depending on what Class Your Child is in. If your child is in rimu He/She will be in the hall and will be wearing red .If He/She is in kouri He/She will be in the library and will be wearing blue. If your child is in kowhai your child will be in Rooms 7 and 8 and wearing yellow. If your child is in Totora He/She will be in rooms 15 and 16 and will be wearing Green. The event time of the whole thing will start at 2PM -10 to 3PM. After The Event is finished Pick up your child from their Classroom.

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