Wednesday, 22 February 2017

master games

The World Masters Games is a global multi-sport event for athletes of masters age, held every four years, in a different city of the world each time. Every sport is different with respect to the age at which athletes becomes masters. However you’re a master at age 25 in swimming and generally a master in most sports by the age of 35. The World Masters Games follows the Olympics model. There are summer and winter Games like the Olympics. Plus there are opening and closing ceremonies and medals awarded. The difference is that you do not need to be an elite athlete to compete and in most sports, you don’t need to qualify. Anyone can register for the Games – whether to win, to have fun, to beat your personal best or to travel to a new place of the world. Some sports also have competition classifications for para-athletes.

In the master games there are 28 games and 45 disciplines and 100 countries.The 28 sports that are in the master games archery you half to be 30 years of age or over athletics you half to be 30 or over badminton you half to be 35 or over baseball you half to be 35 or over basketball you half to be 30 canoeing you half to be 30 or 40 cycling you half to be 30 football you half to be 30 and more sports.The master games are like the Olympics put older people can enter and you do it for fun.      

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