Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hockey-By Dayton


Last Wednesday we went to go play hockey in the hall.First we started playing a fun game called Rats & Rabbits.First we need a partner then we had to go back-to-back.Next C would call either Rats or Rabbits.What you do is if she calls Rats the Rabbits would have to turn around and chase them and the Rats had to run to the stage (In the hall).Same for the Rabbits if Rabbits was called the Rats would have to chase them.The next game was still Rats & Rabbits but with a hockey stick and a ball.If C called Rats the Rats had to protect there ball and get to the other side but the Rabbits have to try and take there hockey ball.The last thing we did was play a game of hockey.It was a lot of fun :D.-By Dayton

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