Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hockey With Room 5 2017 - Campbell Allan

Hockey Room 5 2017!

In term 1, Room 5 has hockey classes held by a lady named C. Yesterday, we had hockey training. She taught us how to dribble while running, how to hold a hockey stick, and we had an actual game. 

In the beginning, we were sorted into teams. I had to go with Nat. We all got into two lines about as long as the hall. We had to go back to back with our teammates, and she taught us a fun game named Rabbits and Rats. Once we were in our two lines, she said that my line were rats, and the other were called rabbits. When she shouts out a name either Rabbits or rats. If she called out rats, the rats had to sprint to there end of the hall, and touch the wall. But the rabbits had to chase you and try tag you before you got to the end. If they did tag you, you have to form the line again.

So now you know how to play, so WE started to play. I had tagged Nat a couple of times and she tagged me as well. After 5 minutes, we moved on to a real game of hockey. But only four players per team could play. Each round only lasted 30 seconds though. But, MY TEAM WON!!!

That day was super fun, THANK YOU C!!

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