Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hockey - Sofia


Hockey was quite fun, we got to play some games such as rats and rabbits and rob the nest and afterwards we would play a few round of hockey. To bad it was raining, I enjoy playing outside more. In the game there were two teams bibs and non bibs (I was in non bibs). Also the class and I were all in groups of four. We had thirty seconds to shoot a goal and once that thirty seconds were up both teams had to swap with another four people, that rotation kept on going until our time was up.

I really enjoyed playing hockey and I have learnt some new skills, although I thought that the rounds were very short for the rotation I was in because once our team got a goal when I was off the game kept on going on and it just felt a bit unfair. Anyway I still liked playing because it’s better than nothing right?

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