Monday, 13 February 2017

Buddy time with K3W - Miss Wilcox's class

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Our buddy class :)
Room 5 and K3W
Last week, Room 5 were lucky enough to be able to meet our ‘Buddy Class’ K3W. In Room 5, we had to make up a fun game to play with our class. So we all got thinking. Until Mrs Notley came up with the brilliant idea to play Crocodile River. This is how you play:

You have to have a flat space of at least 20 Meters. If you want to play competitive, you have to sort out 2 even groups. Line the two groups up about 5 metres away from each other, and give the leaders of the lines about 12 soft pads that can ONLY fit about two feet on them. The leader has to place the pads on the ground suiting how far you can step. But in the beginning, only place one in front of you. Now put one foot on the pad, then place another, but before stepping on that one, make sure the person behind you is putting ONE foot on the pad you are standing on with the back foot. Now do this over and over until you have gotten to the finish line.

Once we had taught K3W the game, we got right into it. A couple Room 5 kids encouraged the kids to keep going while the rest were pretending to be crocodiles. If we spot one person lose balance and touch the ground, the whole group had to restart. Group 1, (my group) were doing so well! No one had fallen on the ground! The kids were laughing and screaming because it was so fun! Later, group one reached the finish line first! They jumped up and down being SO happy, while the other team were disappointed but, That was ok! While we were waiting for the other group to finish, we just played a game of duck duck goose. That day we all had so much fun, and we were all so sad it ended.

By Campbell

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