Monday, 20 February 2017


. . . All about hockey . . .
Hockey is a great sport because this lady came to our school to teached us how to play hockey and know we know how to play hockey because everyday on Thursday’s we go over to the hall if it’s raining and if it’s not raining we go over to the court’s and if you go to the hall or court you haven't to wear shoes because if someone has a hockey stick and you’re in bear feet you will get hurt because  if someone is swinging the hockey stick their not supposed to swing it anyway’s if you're in bear feet your little toes or shin gets hurt so that's why you should wear shoes .

I think that hockey is the best game out of every other game that you play like going on
ps3’s and also xbox ps’2 and also ps’4 and also playing outside and also playing something different like basketball , netball , and also a big , big , big game that you need to play then you play it  if it’s for homework or maths then you play it for homework , maths or anything  else that you do you’re writing , or reading too.By Eseta Sikoa

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