Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Master games 2017

About the Master games
With more athletes than the Olympics, the World Masters Games is the single biggest multi-sport event on earth. Now in 2017, the event will come to Auckland, New Zealand, a must-see destination famous for its stunning natural diversity and vibrant social scene. As is often said, it’s not just the scenery New Zealand is famous for, it’s the people.Sport is part of New Zealanders DNA.The games will be in 10 days on Thursday 20th March 2017.
The World Masters Games is for everyone – whether you play to stay fit, to have fun or quite simply to win. In 2017, 25,000 participants will meet in Auckland for the event of a lifetime. So now’s the time to pick your sport and get training. The World Masters Games 2017 is coming to New Zealand and we hope to see you there.

     These are all the sports in the master games
Lawn bowls
Soft ball
Surf life saving
Spotlight on swimming
Table tennis
Water Polo

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Reading - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Multiple Intelligence

Emily, Kendyl and Fourah created their own version of an Oompa Loompa song as part of their Reading Multiple Intelligence work. Well done girls! Your audience was very impressed.

Mrs Notley

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Master Games

Master Games

In the master game competitions there will be 28 kinds of sports and the sports are… Archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, basketball, canoe, cycling, football, golf, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, orienteering, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, softball, squash, surf life saving, swimming, table tennis, tennis, touch, triathlon, volleyball, water polo and weightlifting.

There will also be a opening ceremony and a closing ceremony. The day of the opening ceremony is Friday the 21st of April, and the day of the closing ceremony is Sunday the 30th of April. For some it’s about taking on international competition and winning gold. For others it’s about travelling to the host country and enjoying people playing sports.

By Natalie

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

master games

The World Masters Games is a global multi-sport event for athletes of masters age, held every four years, in a different city of the world each time. Every sport is different with respect to the age at which athletes becomes masters. However you’re a master at age 25 in swimming and generally a master in most sports by the age of 35. The World Masters Games follows the Olympics model. There are summer and winter Games like the Olympics. Plus there are opening and closing ceremonies and medals awarded. The difference is that you do not need to be an elite athlete to compete and in most sports, you don’t need to qualify. Anyone can register for the Games – whether to win, to have fun, to beat your personal best or to travel to a new place of the world. Some sports also have competition classifications for para-athletes.

In the master games there are 28 games and 45 disciplines and 100 countries.The 28 sports that are in the master games archery you half to be 30 years of age or over athletics you half to be 30 or over badminton you half to be 35 or over baseball you half to be 35 or over basketball you half to be 30 canoeing you half to be 30 or 40 cycling you half to be 30 football you half to be 30 and more sports.The master games are like the Olympics put older people can enter and you do it for fun.      

World Master games

World Master games is one of the worlds largest multi-sport event. It's held every four years for masters competitors all around the world. The game is also supporting the Olympic game's ethos 'sport for all', the reason why they have this game is to encourage others to play sport.
 Did you know that the first ever World Masters game was held in Toronto, Canada in 1985? This year it is held in New Zealand, this is a 10 day event with 55 different sports. The games Start on the 21st - 30th April and will be held in Whanganui.
If you want to know more please go to this website: http://www.worldmastersgames2017.co.nz/
by Amy

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

About the world masters games-By Lucan

The masters game is a global world's largest multi-sport event and people join from countries and now is in 2017 the event will come to Auckland new Zealand. anyone can join. there are 25,000 participants have join at the moment. the event is based on sports and people that participate can win medals. the masters games has only been hosted every 4 years and in different city's and are also summer and winter games.

Monday, 20 February 2017

House Spirit Day by Scarlet

House Spirit Day !

On Friday 24th February we will be having a house colour mufti day. Each house will be meeting at one of these places at 2:00.

At the Library
Rm’s 7&8
Rm’s 15&16

At 2:35 we will be having a parade around the field and while we go around the field we will sing our chants and see who sings the loudest.


School House Spirit Day

School House Spirit Day

Tuesday 21st February

Dear Parents/Guardians

This Week on the 24th of february (Friday), Reremoana school  are having a School House Spirit day  So students Wear  your house colors in mufti. If you don't know what house your child is in ask your teacher. Your Child will be in a class before the parade at 3:35 Depending on what Class Your Child is in. If your child is in rimu He/She will be in the hall and will be wearing red .If He/She is in kouri He/She will be in the library and will be wearing blue. If your child is in kowhai your child will be in Rooms 7 and 8 and wearing yellow. If your child is in Totora He/She will be in rooms 15 and 16 and will be wearing Green. The event time of the whole thing will start at 2PM -10 to 3PM. After The Event is finished Pick up your child from their Classroom.

House Spirit Day By Sofia

House Spirit Day!

The event starts at 2:00 PM. During that time everyone has to go to their house rooms.

Rimu goes to the hall

Totora goes to rooms 15 & 16

Kauri goes to the library

Kowhai goes to rooms 7 & 8

At 2:35 PM the parade starts on the field, it ends at 2:50 PM. Make sure you dress in your house colors!
Image result for reremoana spirit parade 2016

Reremoana House Spirit Day -By Emma

Reremoana House Spirit Day:
On Friday 24th  February Reremoana school will be having a house colour day. Students come to school in your house colours, and sometime in the day you will meet with your house. Kowhai will meet in room 7&8, Kauri will meet in the library, Rimu will meet in the hall and Totora will meet in room 15&16.
There will be a parade that will take place on the field from 2:35pm - 2:50pm.
Parents can come and watch the parade at 2:35pm as well.

House Spirit day

House Spirit day
On Friday, the 24th of February we have a House Spirit day where everybody get to wear their house colors! It starts at 2:00 PM and ends at 2:50 PM, we also have a house parade that is held on the field starts at 2:35 PM. These are the the places where each houses should be.

Kauri -  the library

Kowhai - Room 7 & Room 8

Totara - Room 15 & Room 16

Rimu - Hall

House Spirit Day

                                                               House Spirit day

This Friday we are hosting a house spirit day.There are going to be four classes participating on the field.Rimu,Kowhai,Kauri and Totara.This will start at 2:00-2:50pm.It will be at the field.Your child will be allowed to wear their house colours to school on friday.Students will be at their meeting places while you're waiting-Rimu-Hall,Kowhai-Rms 7 to 8,Kauri-Library,Rms 15 to 16.This parade for you adults to wait will be on at 2:35.Thank you.

House Spirit Day

House Spirit Day-By Brodi
This week on Friday the 24th of February Reremoana school is doing a spirit day.
It starts at 2:00pm-2:50pm. You will have to wear your house colors they house colors are…
Meeting places are…
Kowhai-Rms 7+8
Totara-Rms 15+16

After we meet up in our houses we will all in our house teams do a parade on the field at 2:35.

house spirit day


The best
Kind off  show of’s
Not the best
Kinda good
On 24 friday february we a hosting a house spirit day.house spirit day is when we go to 4 classes  these are all the house colours the amazing kowhai kauri rimu tortura the classes the whole school goes to kowhai rms 7&8  kauri library rimu hall tortura rms 15+16 when we start going to the four classes 2:00 when we finish 2:50 when we start parade on field 2:35

House Spirit Day

House Spirit Day

On Friday the 24th of February our school is going to be having a parade. We need to come in our house colours which are Kauri (the best), Kowhai, Totara and Rimu. Which represent the colours of blue, yellow, green and red. There will be a meeting for the whole school but in their house colours starting at 2:00 pm. Kauri house will be held in the library, Kowhai house will be held in rooms 7 and 8. Totara will be held in rooms 15 and 16 and Rimu will be held in the hall.
The parade will be held on the field in your house colours, the time for the parade starts at 2:35 pm.
By Natalie

House Spirit Day

On Friday the 24th of February 2017 the whole school will be having a house spirit day where students will be encouraged to wear mufti with their house colours

coollogo_com-37241524.png will be settled in rooms 7 & 8

coollogo_com-932562.png will be settled in the library

coollogo_com-51641403.pngis going to be settled in the hall

And  coollogo_com-19346813.png will be settled in rooms 15 & 16


Students will be sent to their meeting areas at 2:00 and will elect captains and mascots and a chant for the parade be sent to the parade which starts at 2:35 and ends at at 2:50

House Spirit Day-By Lucan

House Spirit DayReremoana_logo.png
On Friday 24th of February we will be having a house color celebration. It's just gonna be a celebration with the students house colors. When the students get to there destination the house color that's at that destination will be deciding who will be the house leader. The people that want to be one of the leaders they have to go on the stage and the voters will put there hands up when the announcer says so. Who ever gets the most votes is leader there's two leaders i think there should be on boy and one girl leader. The destinations are. Rimu is red and there going to hall

Image result for red,yellow,green,blue

House spirit day By Rayhaan

House spirit day

On friday the 24 of february we will be having a house spirit day and we will have to wear our house colors and they are red,blue,green,and yellow.If you are red then you are going to meet in the hall and if you, are yellow then you have to meet in rms 7&8 and if you are in green than going in rms 15&16 and if you are, in blue than you meet in the library.we are starting at 2.35 and the starting and finishing time is 2.00 to 2.50.
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. . . All about hockey . . .
Hockey is a great sport because this lady came to our school to teached us how to play hockey and know we know how to play hockey because everyday on Thursday’s we go over to the hall if it’s raining and if it’s not raining we go over to the court’s and if you go to the hall or court you haven't to wear shoes because if someone has a hockey stick and you’re in bear feet you will get hurt because  if someone is swinging the hockey stick their not supposed to swing it anyway’s if you're in bear feet your little toes or shin gets hurt so that's why you should wear shoes .

I think that hockey is the best game out of every other game that you play like going on
ps3’s and also xbox ps’2 and also ps’4 and also playing outside and also playing something different like basketball , netball , and also a big , big , big game that you need to play then you play it  if it’s for homework or maths then you play it for homework , maths or anything  else that you do you’re writing , or reading too.By Eseta Sikoa

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Hockey with 'Cee'

This term Room 5 have been learning how to play hockey sensibly. We are learning to play hockey while displaying good sportsmanship. We are learning how to be aware of the space we are in with our hockey sticks and not hurt others. It has been lots of fun!!!

Mrs Notley

Hockey - Sofia


Hockey was quite fun, we got to play some games such as rats and rabbits and rob the nest and afterwards we would play a few round of hockey. To bad it was raining, I enjoy playing outside more. In the game there were two teams bibs and non bibs (I was in non bibs). Also the class and I were all in groups of four. We had thirty seconds to shoot a goal and once that thirty seconds were up both teams had to swap with another four people, that rotation kept on going until our time was up.

I really enjoyed playing hockey and I have learnt some new skills, although I thought that the rounds were very short for the rotation I was in because once our team got a goal when I was off the game kept on going on and it just felt a bit unfair. Anyway I still liked playing because it’s better than nothing right?

Hockey, By Emily Stephenson

… Hockey…
Hockey is a great sport to play whether you play hockey or not, Hockey also gives you great opportunities such as Joining a school hockey team or even in a school competition. I you don’t know how to play Hockey there will be awesome people to teach you. At Reremoana school there is a great Hockey rotation that gives each and everyone a turn of play a game of hockey or even learning some tips and tricks to becoming a great Hockey star. I also believe that hockey is a awesome sport to play because you get to have lots of fun with your friends and with the new friends that you could make with the opposite team. Hockey is a fun game to watch and even play.

...By Emily Stephenson...

In hockey  we learnt to always keep the hockey stick down and make sure that the hockey stick is  glued to the ball and also, it is only 4 people from each team  on the court and make sure that there is always a goalie at the goal and there is always a striker at the front so they can still get the ball and get a point.
By Fourah





I think hockey is really fun because you can learn to steel the ball and the coach was called c
she tought us how to hold a hockey stick we played rabbits and rat so when c calls rats the
rats has to dribble the hockey ball and the rabbits has to try steal the hockey ball of the rats
then we played a real game of hockey my team got 2 or 1 goal it was really fun

Hockey-By Lucan

i've learned how to dribble the ball collaborate with teammates and also have fun with the team i'm in. in a hockey game. i have played games like rob the nests,rats and rabbits, and rats and rabbits hockey. i've enjoyed learning about hockey. i will play with my family if i get the materials. If i get the chance to play it next year i like to enjoy it well i can.

By Lucan

Hockey-By Dayton


Last Wednesday we went to go play hockey in the hall.First we started playing a fun game called Rats & Rabbits.First we need a partner then we had to go back-to-back.Next C would call either Rats or Rabbits.What you do is if she calls Rats the Rabbits would have to turn around and chase them and the Rats had to run to the stage (In the hall).Same for the Rabbits if Rabbits was called the Rats would have to chase them.The next game was still Rats & Rabbits but with a hockey stick and a ball.If C called Rats the Rats had to protect there ball and get to the other side but the Rabbits have to try and take there hockey ball.The last thing we did was play a game of hockey.It was a lot of fun :D.-By Dayton

Hockey, By Delilah :)

This term, we have been doing hockey. Each Thursday we go to the hall if it’s raining or the court if it’s not raining. These hockey lessons are so much fun. When we meet C, our hockey instructor, we play a quick game to warm us up. I love playing hockey with her because it is great and we have learnt to be fair, keep our hockey sticks on the ground, keep our legs straight and dribble the ball. I hope we can keep practising hockey.

By the amazing Delilah!

Hockey With Room 5 2017 - Campbell Allan

Hockey Room 5 2017!

In term 1, Room 5 has hockey classes held by a lady named C. Yesterday, we had hockey training. She taught us how to dribble while running, how to hold a hockey stick, and we had an actual game. 

In the beginning, we were sorted into teams. I had to go with Nat. We all got into two lines about as long as the hall. We had to go back to back with our teammates, and she taught us a fun game named Rabbits and Rats. Once we were in our two lines, she said that my line were rats, and the other were called rabbits. When she shouts out a name either Rabbits or rats. If she called out rats, the rats had to sprint to there end of the hall, and touch the wall. But the rabbits had to chase you and try tag you before you got to the end. If they did tag you, you have to form the line again.

So now you know how to play, so WE started to play. I had tagged Nat a couple of times and she tagged me as well. After 5 minutes, we moved on to a real game of hockey. But only four players per team could play. Each round only lasted 30 seconds though. But, MY TEAM WON!!!

That day was super fun, THANK YOU C!!



On Thursdays, we play hockey with Ce on the court.(Hall if it was raining) we learnt some rules about hockey (not really)that will help us get better at it/not get others injured. These is the 'rules' of what we learnt. 
* Always keep the hockey stick on the ground
* Don't swing it over your shoulders
* Use the hockey sticks for what they were meant for 
we also played Rat and Rabbit, Rob the Nest and Tag in hockey version. 

Hockey by Kaleb

What learnt about hockey

for hockey we have been playing mini games like rats and rabbits and we have also been playing real hockey games and it is really fun. I have learnt that you have to slide the ball not whack it and also keep our sticks on the ground. playing has hockey has been a big experience for me thank you c. By Kaleb

Hockey By Michael

In hockey i have learned how to dribble cooperate with team members,playing hockey has made me want to play in a hockey team for the school were i am hoping to be goalie not only because it is favourite position and you get wear weird body armour which makes you look like a robot

hockey by Rayhaan

 hockey 2017 yay!!!!!!!

The person which teaches us is a lady named c.When we do hockey we always do a game and then we do a anore game and after that we play real hockey and when we did hockey we played a game called rat and rabbits and after that.We played rats and rabbits but with hockey sticks and it was so much fun.Then we played real hokey and 4 people go up at a time we had lots of fun.