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Ladybug and Cat Noir's story

Ladybug and Cat Noir's story
"There goes Ladybug and Cat Noir saving the day again" shouted the news reporter into the microphone. Ladybug swung away before anyone could go surround Cat Noir and her. Ladybug is a superhero that saves the day with her partner Cat Noir. But when she is not saving the day Ladybug is just a normal high school girl that is very poor. Her name is Serena, Serena lives in a poor family but she is very kind and smart. When Cat Noir is not saving the day, he is just a normal high school boy that lives in a rich family. His name is Darien, Serena and Darien are actually classmates but they don't know that they are partners when saving the day. 

Ladybug's super-power is using fire, and Cat Noir's super-power is a type of magic that when he calls for it he can destroy anything. There enemy is actually Darien's dad, but Ladybug and Cat Noir doesn't know that. Darien's dad's villain name is called Hockmoth, he makes villains by turning normal people that has a dark heart into villains. Serena has black hair and she has blue bell eyes, Darien has Blond hair and green eyes. Hockmoth wants Ladybug and Cat Noir's Powers so he could rule the world. At school Serena actually has a crush on Darien, but Darien has a crush on Ladybug.

One day Serena finally had the courage to confess her love for Darien, but then he rejected her and said "sorry Serena I already have somebody that I like." Serena ran away filling her eyes with tears, she felt really depressed and at that very moment Hockmoth turned Serena into a Villain. The evil Serena called herself the Mirror Heart and she would destroy anyone that was in her way. Mirror heart was filled with hatred and she started to go around the school killing people. Then when Darien saw a villain he transformed into Cat Noir. When Cat Noir came face to face with Mirror heart he then knew it was Ladybug but also Serena because, he recognized Ladybug with a mask on.

Cat Noir was trying to explain to Mirror Heart that he had actually loved Ladybug with mean's he also loves Serena because they are the same person. "Ladybug let me explain" cried Cat Noir, "there is nothing to explain about, Cat Noir you better hand over your powers otherwise I will kill you" shouted Mirror Heart. Then Mirror Heart made the first move, Cat Noir and Mirror Heart was fighting. But Cat Noir wasn't able to attack Mirror Heart, "Cat Noir why aren't you attacking? are you afraid of hurting Ladybug?" "I will kill no matter what Cat Noir so you better start attacking", "I guess this is the only way I could save her" Cat Noir whispered to himself. As Mirror Heart ran to kill Cat Noir, Cat Noir held Mirror Heart's hand and kissed her on the lips. Then Serena turned back to normal "Darien I'm so sorry" cried Serena. "It's okay it's over now" Darien talking in a relieved voice.

By Natalie

My Narrative Writing (Space Adventure)

The (dangerous) Space Journey

My 'hero' is me! I have no superpower, no code name, just me!

I have been training to be an astronaut for four years. I have been wanting to go into space since I was seven. Today is the third of December, 9229. I had only 7 workmates with me, four scientists, and three actual astronauts. We were just entering the Ozone Layer, over America. In around five minutes, we were able to unstrap our belts, and fly around the ship. The main point of the mission was to enter a worm hole to a new dimension, to look for a new home, because the Milky Way and Andromeda were going to collide. Usually, this would be fine, but scientists on the Earth discovered that there was a planet in Andromeda that was in the perfect place to collide with Earth, meaning everyone/thing will die off. Earth only had over 100 years to save themselves. We had to be quick.

One Year Later

I was now flying the spacecraft, since the driver died of suffocation, because he fell on a sharp rock causing his space mask to tear open, and kill him. This happened on a planet with intense gravity pull over 2 months ago. They knew the wormhole was close, maybe a couple days away. So now, I decided to put the ship on auto drive. I went to the gym, had a shower, ate some food and had a chat with the scientists. This bought me 3 hours. Until, I heard a beeping sound from the station. I ran over to the station, and saw there was an enormous red circle, on the map. It was ahead of us. 94 Kilometres away. I looked straight forward, and saw nothing. I called up Brad, a scientist to hear his thoughts about it. He said maybe it was an invisible planet, or an invisible star. Then, he thought it was a black hole.

It was a black hole. So we had to get to the drivers seat and steer out of the way of the black hole. We were going at high speed. So I had to slow down, and turn. Sadly, slowing down takes around 3 minutes, meaning we would have a remaining 76 kilometres. We turned at the same time as slowing down, but it turned very slowly. The black hole was now 54 Kilometres away. We have turned all the way, but were still flying backwards. "AHHHHHHHH!" We all yelled as we were getting sucked into the black hole. We were getting stretched so hard, until... Everything went black.

- Campbell Allan

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Term Two Jrock - Campbell


In term one, people were able to join Jrock. Jrock is basically an acting and dancing performance, where whoever joins it from reremoana will perform it in front of a crowd. The main Jrock teachers that helped us create jrock this year, are Rachel Belve, Sophie Glenn and Mel Notley. In total, we practised mostly two times a week, for nine weeks.

The first thing we did when we arrived was start learning the end dance, which was a mix between 'I'm Only Human', and 'Chained To The Rhythm'. In about four weeks, we started splitting up to create our own scenes. My main scenes were the Buisness scene and the Homeless scene.

So, on the 5th of July, we were ready to preform. We got on the bus to get to the Aotea Thetre. When we arrived we put our shared lunch on the table, ate a bit, then went out to see other schools practise. After their three performances, we all got suprised with two people behind the camera of... The Edge!! They had a little talk to us, then we had to go.

We all got out our money from our school bags, and went to the food courts for lunch. I bought Burger King, and also some lollies from the dairy. We ate there, I accidentally signed up for yoga, then we left! We did our three practises, then at 7.00 sharp, ( to the show) we preformed in front of the massive audience. The show went great!! Since Lucy, Hannah, Chloe and I were the Reremoana School Rep's, we had to go on stage and get asked a couple of questions.

Towards the end of Jrock, the Reremoana School Rep's went on stage again to do prise giving. Reremoana got eight out of ten certificates, which was the highest for this year. (Compared to the other schools).

So in the end, Jrock 2017 went pretty well 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻


Term 2

Even though term 2 was fun but there were some hard times like speech and tests. We went to the Marae and Motat towards the end of term 2. But I think the best thing in term 2 was Jrock. Mrs Notley, Mrs Bellve and Miss Glen worked really hard on it, thanks to them for making this happen. We did get a really good result. We got 8/10 rewards which is really good, I think our school got the most rewards.

Term 2 was really fun, I hope Term 3 & 4 can be just as interesting. I am sure it will be because Mrs Notley is really funny because she is funny looking!!! Get it?

What I have been up to in Term two.

Term two:

Term two has been full of hard work and lead ups it has been all about ,J Rock and cross country training

J Rock:

We have been practising every wednesday lunch and friday lunch and afternoon for our J Rock performance.  It is not just something that comes together  in 1 week, we are talking about all Term (8 weeks). Chloe, Scarlet, Ella and I got chosen to trial for the two main parts, which were the Evil queen and Snow white.  They had made their choice and they let us know The Evil Queen was…….ELLA!! Snow white was……..KENDYL!!. We started from the end dance and worked our way through that first, we then moved onto getting into our scenes we all got told what scenes we were in and got told what our scene is about and what you do in your scene then we all practised our own scenes seperate to the other scenes. Once we had all nailed our scenes we put them all together and took it from there. We just keep practising and practising and we finally got there.On wednesday night we all were so very nervous we all got there and went and watched the other schools rehearse, they were amazing. When we rehearsed not many people were watching so we had no audience for our first and second rehearsal but for our third one two schools came and watched us.I think we did three amazing rehearsals. There were a few things we needed to work on but that was fine because it was not our real one it was only our rehearsals. We were performing third out of 6 schools.We went back to our dress room and got all our makeup and hair done and got all of our costumes on.We were then all called onto stage we had to quickly get into our curtains and get ready to start. When I performed  it made me feel so happy and  so relieved that I didn't make a mistake and it made me feel so glad that I got to do it with my family watching me and my friends in the curtains.I loved being told afterwards “I’m so proud of you, you did so well you're amazing” by my family, friends and teachers. I think the J Rock team gave it their all in every scene. I couldn't of been able to do it without all the amazing J Rock people so thank you so much to all the J Rock students that performed and helped back stage, and thank you to all the teachers and parents that came to help and put the effort and your time into making the J Rock night happen and thanks to the supporters in the audience.In the end we won eight awards out of nine. WE DID SO WELL. GO REREMOANA!!!  

  Cross country training:

Every Monday,Wednesday and thursday morning I have Cross country training with other students in keraru and the tui team. Some days we get timed other days we don't. We do 1 km,1.5 km,2 km,3 km and sprints(100 m,200 m and 300 m)We work so hard every morning and we use all that we have got. "I'm always better than I was before I came to training". Thank you Mr.Fourie for running this program for us and giving up your time to do this.

By Kendyl

What I did in Term 2!!!

Summary of term 2

I loved term 2 because we went on so many trips this term like for some people Jrock,Marae,MOTAT and that's all I can remember. Jrock was awesome because I liked how everyone did it right and my favourite scenes were the opening scene and the Glamorous scene. Because in the opening scene Kendyl and Ella and the animals were awesome at acting and especially Kendyl and Ella because they were the main character. Kendyl was Snow White and Ella was The Evil Queen. My scenes were Business and Homeless. We practised J Rock for 9 weeks and it took a lot of time and hard work and did it every Wednesday and Friday at lunch I think I did good in Jrock when we all did the end dance it was a very long and stressful day for everyone.

My Marae trip was good because I got to learn a song and a few people got to do a play about brothers (I forgot what is was about). When we had lunch there was nothing to do so me and my friends just played Banana Split and walked around. We also did a game with a lady (forgot her name) I got out like always on the middle of the game. It was really fun on the bus I think I sat next to Delilah sorry if i’m wrong.

MOTAT was amazing as ever because my dad came and I love spending time with them. My group had Delilah,Hemisha,Natalie and William my group had William so my dad wasn’t stuck with all girls. My favourite part was the trampoline and the VR the trampoline part was cool because you got to jump on this really big and bouncy tramp and you had to jump in the spot where the balloon is on the screen but you couldn’t jump on the black balloon because that would mean you lost all your points. But we didn’t lose any points. Me and my dad loved the tram ride because we did it together.

I had real fun this term with everybody. Everybody was nice and kind to me they did good learning and hopefully they all tried so hard to achieve things like J Rock because we were all nervous because there were so many people. AIMS people tried hard to get there spot. Also what I liked about this term was the learning because I got to achieve all my times tables and gotten better at spelling. But next term in term 3 I need to try hard to achieve my Writing by getting better ideas and structuring it better and Cross Country. I liked the novel reading studies that Mrs Notley planned for us all and measurement for math and mathletics.
By Brodi

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What I have been up to in term 2

What I have been up to in term 2

What I’m writing about : J Rock

This term I have been up to so many things but I am just going to explain about one, it is J Rock. This term and last term some of Reremoana school have been practising dances and scenes to show at J Rock. In each of our scenes we were trying to explain something to the audience. Our seven scenes were Opening scene then animal cruelty than Processed food than men getting paid more than women, People using their electronics too much, People caring too much about their looks than it was the homeless scene and lastly it was the war scene that is about too much war happening. After all the scenes we did an end dance with everybody in it. The names for the scenes are Circus scene, Produce scene, Business scene, Social media scene, Glamorous scene, Homeless scene lastly war scene. Overall I had a great time doing our performance at J Rock, I enjoyed practising the dances and learning them and I liked watching the other schools perform their dance. We won 8 awards out of 9. Our dance was about seven wrongs with the world and we performed at Aotea centre.

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What have i done in term 2 -Lucan

Hello i am Lucan and these are the things we have been doing in my class (room 5) i'm gonna list the trips that i can remember Motat um... that's the only one i know i went to. for Reading i have been doing a novel study so we read the book that Mrs Notley has given us and i have a list of things i have to do every time i read 2 chapters i have finished the book and i am working on my storyboard. For writing i have been doing an ''Identity'' which is about  ur culture and where your family originates from and also u have to make a family tree. For maths i have been in quick 60 with Mrs Ledou (idk how to spell her name) and we started doing things i know then it started getting harder and harder for now were doing times (by times i mean the clock time) Inquiry i haven't done a life hack cause i couldn't think of one Well... Thats term 2 -Lucan

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What we have done in term 2 by Rayhaan

What we have done in term 2

In term 2 we had gorn to motat and in class we did innovation and we could make our own life hacks and we also had speeches but I never got into the speech finals but at least I did a speech.Technology was fun too and I was in electronics and we got to make a battery tester and a shocking device and that was Most of the fun things we did in class and don't forget Mrs Notley she was always there to support us throughout the term. By Rayhaan

What I have done in term 2

So far in term two I have been the host for the Kereru speech finals and that was pretty cool, because I got to announce all of the people that made the speech finals and it also gave me a lot of confidence. I have also been to motat with the Kereru team and that has help mainly everyone learn about people that invented helpful things. We also went on tram ride but unfortunately we did not go into the historical museum were the NZ planes were that they used in war. We learnt all about what the Maori people used to survive in their day like the shell to call on the tribe and what the European weared when they arrived in New Zealand. We also did technology and I did photography and it was awesome because I got to learn about how to use a camera properly and also how to make your picture stand out or making the person looking at the photo guess what they are looking at. It was really fun because we had time at the end to play a game that we had to take photo’s around the school in alphabetical order it could be a letter or something that starts with the letter.  

about term 2

Term 2, one more week till school is finished I am excited for the holidays but things that I liked about term 2 that we did a lot of sports and they were fun but the downer I did not get to play in the counties netball :(. There was the speech finals but I did not make it in but I am still glad I did a speech.The cool thing that we get to do as a class is a shared lunch and I love food. Technology I was in photography with mrs fothergill and it was super fun I loved it. Work the best thing that I liked for work was time we are still doing it but since my mum taught me how to read a clock I was pretty much an expert so that was super fun. Now term 2 is about to end but I can’t wait to see what happens in term 3 and 4 super excited. But wait there is one more thing mrs Notley has made me really happy this term that is why I always have a smile on my face.      

Term 2 Summary

Term 2 Summary

For term 2 techology I was in the beginners sewing group which was with Mrs Notley in Room 5. On Wednesday we made tea towls, but before that we learnt about all kinds of fabrics and how to use a sewing machine. It took me a while to figure out how to use the sewing machine, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy to sew patterns onto my tea towl. On Thursday we made we made hacky sacks and something else that I forgot. Emilz and I finished making our hacky sacks early, so we made another one. Before we were released to go home we had a competition who could do most tricks with their hacky sacks.

On Thurday we had Jrock dress rehersal for the whole day, and I was in the back stage group. In the morning block the teachers were getting our clothes ready and doing the finishing touches on the props. In the middle block we rehersed the dance from top to bottom, and the back stage people were figuring out where to put the props and when we should move them. For the last block packed the props away, then we went through the dance a few more times and then we packed up for the day.

On Friday there was a netball central counties tournament, and I was going. There were 4 teams from our school the yr 7 girls team, yr 7 boys team, yr 8 girls team and the yr 8 boys team. Only the top 4 yr 7 & 8 girls teams could make it into counties, and only top 2 yr 7 & 8 boys teams could make it into counties. We the yr 7 girls team was winning all our games until we vs St Annes. Everyone on the team got so depressed afterwards because we lost against St Annes. But we made it into the semi final, but sadly we lost. After that we had our match for 3rd and 4th place, and we won that game. So the yr 7 girls team from our school got 3rd place and made it into counties. The yr 8 girls got 3rd place as well, the yr 7 boys got 1st place and the yr 8 boys got 1st place too. So all the teams from Reremoana made it into counties.

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My Identity

My family tree: 

How common is my last name?

Allan, isn’t a very common last name. There are 310,155 families with that last name, yet the last name ‘smith’ is a very common last name, being 1.34%. That is, believe it or not, a lot!
My family’s beliefs...
All of the Allan family believe in God. This all started in 1961, when my grandad, (Robert Allan), decided to believe in God. How this happened, is that he decided to go to church when his parents first went, and he decided to go with it. Now, he goes to church, every Sunday, with my grandma as well.
Information about my Grandad, (dad’s side)
He was born in 1947, meaning he is 70. His birthday is in August, (i think!) He is an orphaned, which means his parents have, DUMPED HIM. He first met his ‘real’ parents in 1998. He met my Grandmother in 1972. He has been married for 42 years.
Information about my Grandma. (dad’s side)
My grandma was born in September 1949. She knows (both!) here parents. She was raised in New Plymouth but moved over to Auckland. Later, (I'm not sure when) she hurt herself, having to go into a wheelchair. She hurt herself more, (somehow) and managed to get paralysed. She has been paralysed since.
Information about my Grandad, (mum’s side)
My mum’s dad’s name is Roy Setters. He ‘was’ married to my grandma, until they decided to get divorced. Roy, decided to move somewhere down south, meaning I don’t get to see him much. He does own a massive caravan, which he lives in. He is planning on selling it, but I hope he doesn’t.
Information about my Grandma (mum’s side)
My grandma’s name is Jean. She lived in England but later moved over to New Zealand. Her parents are still alive. Her Mums name is Irene, but I'm not sure about her Dad. She goes on cruises to Singapore and the islands every two years with most of the family and also makes dumb and cringy mistakes of Facebook.


Holland Meaning


Holland is a surname indicative of ancestral origin in the Dutch region of Holland, the Netherlands, or the English region of Holland.
Holland Nicknames
Hol, Holl, Holly, Holley, Hollander, Lander, Dutch
Family Tree

About my parents (Where they came from).

My Mum
My mums name is Jeannette she was born in Tahiti. She moved to New Zealand with her mum and dad when she was very young. Her mum and her are Tahitian, her dad is from New-Zealand. Her brother and sister were born in New Zealand. My grandfathers parents are from England and Ireland. We still have family on the Bennett and Hebden family lines in England and the Tracy's in Ireland.
My Dad
My dads name is Adam. His mother and father were born in New Zealand. He is the youngest out of his two other brothers. My Dads Grandmother was originally from Norway, but moved to England and met my dads grandfather.


By Brodi

My Identity

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Identity-Lucan  (Copy and put it in search bar)

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All about my culture i think it is about

I Samoa beaches and turtle beautiful sea and the television and the most dangerous and safe in Samoa bit too hot television and he knows that you can get alot of sunburt Samoa could bring even he sounded the same time to come tosamoa aND himself blew the toes to New Zealand because it is very hot. I Samoa no ovens and no beds in Samoa will need to buy them from Samoa store and you antie acting to store and limited to selling and nothing to alot of what to sell. And in Samoa if the watch itself is wanted PASP trees and eating do not aloude in MA by the aloude you eat because you will develop the ability. You And have't to buy them if Te. And Samoa when you go to Samoa Profit and leaving hair Down gain to alot of trouble. when it comes to my antie Back from Samoa Tau from my father and my family hole to help him and really helped police. My father speakes country and even a bit of English and my grandmother speakes Samoa went with my brother and anties speakes al Si itle of English and English as well. I The English are only two islands cold to be driven and also rural areas. And in Samoa can find cweed the beach and also shell and sometimes the turtles and injoy look at the beach .and in the language to be able to play games such as octopus and behold gang gang gamoe aND even games coulde nuckle bones but approaches Samoa

What Culture Means To Me

My Culture

I am really happy that I have so many backgrounds in my Culture. My main background is Maori, but I have a lot more background too. I am really happy to be born in New Zealand because its nice to meet people from all over the world that has different backgrounds and I believe that New Zealand welcomes everyone from anywhere. My Culture means lots to me because if I didn't have a Culture I wouldn't be who I am today.

My Culture

What culture means:
Culture means where you from and what you believe

My culture is Chinese
what does it look like in our family circle:
we eat rice and drink soup everyday and we speak another language at home too. Me my dad and my grandpa have the same last name since we need to have the same last name as our father.

My Fijian Culture!

Fijian FlagOn the Fijian flag, the blue field represents the pacific ocean. The shield shows the main exports of Fiji which was bananas , copra and sugar cane. The union jack on the left shows the association with Great Britain. Fiji became an independent nation on October 10th, 1970.
Fijian Fire DanceIn Fiji, every night we do something called a fire dance. This dance is very cool and is very entertaining. People use sticks with fire on the ends of them and do AMAZING tricks with them!!! Here is a video of fire dancing……..
SportsFiji is represented throughout the world via many sports. These include rugby, netball, soccer, athletics, rugby league, surfing and many more. The most famous sport in Fiji is the rugby 7’s. Fiji’s most famous rugby 7’s player is called Waisele Serevi. Fiji is also top of the leader board in this year's 7’s circuit.This is a video about Waisele Serevi scoring a try.  
What do we eat?In Fiji we eat Crabs, Coconuts, Bananas, Fish, Curry and a favourite of mine is the Lovo. Firstly we dig a hole in the ground, about 3 feet deep and 5 feet wide. Then we place firewood  and rocks  in the pit and  light a fire until the rocks  are white hot. This process takes about 2 hours. After the meat , the  taro and vegetables go over the rocks and go in. Then everything is covered with banana leaves and wet sacks. After about 2 to 3 hours everything is cooked. It is then unearthed and served.

By Delilah :) 

My Culture By Brodi

My Culture -By Emma

My Culture

To me culture is about who you are as a person and being who you are. Culture could mean what you believe or where you come from. My culture is very important to me. In a family you would be the same culture as your siblings. Depending on your parents you could either have one strong culture or you could be a mixture. In your friend circle it could mean you are friends with other who believe different things to them like they may not believe in celebrating holidays such as Christmas or Easter and you do believe in celebrating in that. There are lots of ways to show your colour, for some it might be having a necklace and for others it might be what you talk about or what language you speak. culture is something that makes everyone unique! everyone has their own culture which makes you you


My family culture we do thing together like  dishes, sit at the table and eat together we watch tv together in the evenings We all try to help out. looking after my sister help with my homework

Team culture
We do caducea we learn a haka a whatu we train together we support each other we push each other.

So to sum it all up a group that do different things together which make them different from one another

by William

My Culture

My Culture
What does the word “Culture” Mean?:
Culture is only used with the human race not animals that's why animals have breeds.A culture describes a family “Breed” like their are cultures such as Maori, Chinese, Indian, and American.There are way way more but we don’t have the timing.So culture is mainly like breed an breed is mainly like a different kind of sort of animal or human.

What i think makes my culture:
I think what i made my culture was the first one that was born my culture i certainly don’t know who it was but i know it was the first person born my culture.Then that culture spreaded then there became more and more and thats how im here now.

What does culture look like in my family circle?:
Well since i couldn’t get information from the internet ill use my mind.So first it start with first someone that was my culture and was in my family so it could be a great great great great great great grandparent.Then that person married another person and then another family member was born in my culture.This kept going on and on until well i don’t know when it stops or when it began.But sadly death can be caused in some cases this COULD stop it but there's a high chance it would not be able too.

By Dayton

my culture

Culture is made up of the values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors shared by a group of people. Culture is the behavior that results when a group arrives at a set of - generally unspoken and unwritten rules for working together.

Our family culture
Rules for working together

My family circle, my family is really supportive because when one of us playing a sports game the whole family comes to support each other. Our family loves to do exercise we love it so much that we do it together that is why our family likes to run. We all love going to the beach as a family and we are normally all in the water at the same time. We love to go away with each other. We go to other people’s houses as a family. So that is my family circle.

By: Jamie Wickes

My Culture

My culture

My culture

Culture meaning : the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular person or society.

My two cultures are Vietnamese and English/Irish

Family circle :
When we go down to my Nana’s house she always cooks yummy vietnamese food, my Nana her name is My and she has a buddha in her house that she likes to pray too. My nana loves to cook lots of traditional vietnamese food, which consists of many different dishes. We all sit down together at the dinner table and a mixture of Vietnamese, and english is spoken between everyone.

My dad’s culture is big on singing and dancing and maybe a odd pint of beer during stories.

Friend circle :  

It is really fun when we are playing and we like to be funny around each other, and I know that I can tell my friends all of my secrets because I trust them. That is what culture means to me when I am with my friends.

By Lili

My Culture - Campbell Allan

Hi! My name is Campbell. Today I am going to be talking about my culture. (I know this sounds like a speech but it's not) Let's get right into it :D

As far as I know, I am Kiwi, and English. I am around 3/4 Kiwi and the rest English. I got my 'Englishness' from my Grandma on my Mum's side. My mum's Mum is full English, my Mum is half, and I am a quarter! (technically).

A kiwi means you live in New Zealand.

English means you are from England



Well my culture is half Maori and half European.

So I have some thing that we do as Maori culture we sometimes have a hungi for birthday parties or special events.

But on the other side for European we mainly celebrate important birthdays like 1,10,13,18,21,30,40,50,60,70,80,90 and 100 if you make it.

In summary my culture is important because we you turn 21 years old you get a kakahu that symbol you as a leader and you also get koru.


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

My Culture -Lucan

Culture mean's people that do different kind's of things like eating different kind's of foods or doing traditional culture like things like a hang i. i am Samoa and have Chinese blood from generations of my family. Also people can have different names that may or not be from there culture but it's not the case with me my name was from a game that my dad use to play and my last name he just go from something that i don't know of...

Regards Lucan

Friday, 16 June 2017

Soft Materials Technology

This week for Soft materials technology our students made a series of items. Firstly they learnt the different parts of a sewing machine and how to thread cotton through the machine and replace the bobin reel. After they had shown they could do this we drew up our patterns for our tea towels and decided on what embelishments we wanted to design them with. It taught us patience, that's for sure! Below are some photos of the sewing process and our finished products. Hope you like them...

 The next day we moved on to making our own drawstring bags and hacky sacks. We were more confident with the sewing machines but now we had to also hand sew and some of us found it challenging trying to thread cotton through the tiny eye of the needle! We even learnt how to iron... there we go Mum's and Dad's no excuses now, they can do all of the ironing in the house from now on. :)
Below are photos of the process and finished products. Enjoy!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sign Language Tutoring

I am so impressed with my Sign language class in the Kereru Team. Over the last two terms a group of around 35 Year 7 students have been learning how to communicate using sign language. Today they went to the Kiwi and Pukeko classes to teach them how to sign the alphabet, numbers, colours and greetings. I was very proud of the way our students engaged with the juniors. They also did a pretty fantastic job of sharing all of their learning of sign language.

Mrs Notley