Thursday, 4 May 2017



In the holidays I was still recovering and resting my poor ear from my previous operation. I had a Calistia Toma which is a major ear infection and doctors had to take out 3 bones in my ear.(It was in my left ear). So once my ear was feeling much better, we got a phone call from my Aunt who lives in Wellington and it was NOT good. She phoned up to tell us that her sister had died from a heart attack. She asked us if we would love to go to her funeral, but I couldn't sadly. About 6 days later my mum saw on Facebook that my Uncle had died too from the same thing.(A heart attack). Of course we go to his funeral because we wanted to go and see him for the last time. When the funeral was over it was time for school, which leads up to now. So how was your holidays was it better than mine?

My Holiday By Brayden

In the holiday I stayed home for the week and I saw my cuz that had stayed in taumarunui for a term .Then I went to my grandfather's house by stanmore bay not for from silverdale
On monday morning And I went There and I went for a couple swims then on tuesday (anzac day we went fishing got the boat beached then we went out. the biggest fist about 45 cm long and we caught five fish (so that was dinner for two nights. After we got the fish we gutted the fish then we went back to land then the fish were filleted then we ate it for dinner.
On wednesday I just kayaked and swimmed and on thursday I just swimmed and kayaked and got wet when I was going to land. Overall I had a good holiday!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


In the holidays I went to the hip hop New Zealand national it started at 7 o'clock and ended at 11 o’clock. The competition was really cool cause all off the teams had really cool dances to do and there was a team that came 3rd in the world last year but this year they did not come first in the qualifying.

In the last week I did a soccer camp at McLennan park and it was called Legacy and it was five days. I did it with my friend named Oli, it was really cool on the first three days because we always did 1v1s in the morning and middle session and in the middle session we did practicing skill moves. In the last session we did a soccer world cup.  

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to Kate's birthday party. The party started at 4pm till 11am, but I left at about 9pm and came back at 7am. We opened up all the presents and that what Kate received: a emoji stationery pack from Sophie, a hedgehog soft toy named Haley and some rubbers from Elisa, Twosies from Katie, a fox note book from Isabella and a Smiggle pencil case from me. We watched two movies and played blindfold tag, spot light etc. it was a great day, thanks Kate for inviting me!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Holidays by Scarlet

My Holidays

In the holidays I preformed Beauty & the Beast Jr.  We opened on 20th April & finished on 29th, the night shows started at 7:30 & ended at 9:00 then the day shows started at 3:30 & ended at 5:00.  My costume was so hot because I had to wear a long shirt, long pants and thick stockings the whole time. On the final 
proformes more than half of the cast cried and it was so sad. It was hard for me to say good bye to my friends but it wasn't like we could do it again & again & again. That was my holiday.  😃



I had a awesome holiday, I did many things like…….

I went to my cousins house for 5 days and she came over to my house for 3 days.And we made 3 different colours of lip balm.
And I also went to a place, it was my dad's family place.We went there because it was my dad's cousins daughters birthday party and it was a long trip to get there.When I reached. I had a bag and in that bag was lollies and some books and pens and we also had a yummy chocolate cake and we also had some yummy food from the party and my auntie came too.Then after the party finished we went back to the hotel and the hotel that we were staying in is the same hotel that my auntie were staying in so then next morning we went to a place with my auntie and saw many peacocks and birds and we saw different types of birds and we had some food to feed the birds so we did and some of the birds were flying to us and sitting on our shoulders or on our head and eat some of the food that was in the packet in our hands.

By Hemisha

My holiday

                                       My Holiday

I woke up got out of bed, it was the day of my dance exam. I walked out into the lounge and saw my mum, she was getting ready to go out and get some things for my sister and I, so I hopped in the shower and got changed into some clothes.

After my sister had hopped out of the shower she got changed into some clothes did her hair and then we left. When we got to the shops we walked in and my Mum wanted to get some eye shadow, lipstick and foundation so she could do our make up. After we had everything we left the shop got into the car and drove back home, when we got home we had something to eat, then got ready for our dance exam.

First our Mum painted our toes and nails with a dark pink color, 20 minutes later after our nails were dry our Mum did our hair she did my sisters in a plait bun and mine in a bun/ponytail, once our hair was done our Mum did me and my sisters makeup, so she grabbed out the make up she had bought earlier and started to do our make up.

Afterwards, once we were all ready we got changed from our clothes into our dresses, my dress was a dark pink dress and my sister’s dress was a white dress that was really puffy, we both looked beautiful. After my Mum and Dad were ready we drove to Tuakau town hall where our dance exam was being held with our teacher Marcus.

When we got there we sat down and put our dance shoes on so we were ready for our dance, we were doing a Bronze Standard and our dances were a waltz, quick step and a slow rhythm.

10 minutes later my sister’s name was called to go dance so she got up and walked over to our teacher Marcus, once she had danced all her three dances it was then my turn to dance so I got up and danced all my dances with Marcus, once I had finished I sat back down and we watched all the other people do their exams.

After all the bronze and silver dances were over we then did some social dancing when you get a partner to dance with and Marcus will call out the steps for us to dance to, then once we had practised a few times we then danced it to music.

Once all the social dancing was over, two people carried a table and got all the food and then we got to EAT!!! About 20 minutes later after everyone had finished eating we got back into the exams but this time it was only the gold dances.

Only three people were doing a gold exam there dances looked very hard but still very cool to watch, once all the gold dances were over, we then did the certificates, everyone got one and it just said there score of how the judge thought we did my sister and I both passed.

After the certificates were all handed out everyone did some social dancing for the rest of the night, while we were social dancing, my Mum said we're going to go now, so we said “goodbye” to everyone and drove back home.

When we got home we got changed into our P.J and then we watched a movie as a family together.

By Lili

What I done in the school holidays By Rayhaan

On the school holidays I went to my family's house.To see my cousin from Australia, and I went there to prepare, for a wedding, and that's what I did for most, of the week then we had to go to the, actual wedding.On the second week of school holidays I went to see my cousins again.I played on my playstation most of, school holidays and stayed, home and played outside, and that's pretty much all I done in my school holidays.

By Rayhaan

Monday, 1 May 2017

What i done in my holidays -Lucan

Straight after school i had to start packing my clothes and all that for a holiday that my mum and her friend payed for. when we were ready and my mum and her friend came to my house of we went. it took so long about 2 hours if i was to guess. when we got there all i done was go right to my computer to play some games until dinner and bed. (After the holiday houses) After the 9 days spent at two holiday houses i went back to my normal house so... far away as normal straight to my mums computer to play till Sunday cause i had to vacuum her room cause i have a deal with my mum that i will vacuum her room every Sunday to play on her computer. and that was my holiday :)

Sunday, 30 April 2017

My Dream Holiday.

On the first weekend on the holidays, we went to Lake Tarawera. It was a 3 hour drive, but on the way we had a couple of stops to go to the toilet and to eat Subway. We got back into the car, and I fell asleep straight away. My dad woke me up in what felt like 3 minutes, which was actually 2 hours. "Hey, Cam, we are here." I woke up straight away, got all of my stuff, and ran inside the beach-side Bach. 

First, I decided to make myself some 2 minute noodles. After that, I ran to my room and got changed into my togs to go for a swim in the lake. I told my sisters and brothers to quickly get changed, in which they did. My Dad decided to come down to go swimming as well, so he came with us. Once we got to the beach, we opened up our private boat garage, and got out our boat that was stored in there. We all helped push the boat into the lake, and eventually, we all got in. My Dad started the engines, and off we went. "Hey, guys, who wants to steer?" My dad asked us. "No! I think ill crash the boat!" Yelled everyone apart from me. "Yeah, i'll do it!" I shouted. "Okay, here!" Said my Dad enthusiastically. 

An hour later, we wanted to get out of the water and go back up the the Bach. We went to bed, red a few books, and went to sleep. I woke up the next day, had pancakes for breakfast, put our packaging in the car and drove home.

My Holiday By Emma

In the first week of the holidays my sister and I went to my nana's house. On Wednesday, It was my cousin, Sophie’s birthday so we had a gathering. We had dinner with the whole family and desert. My cousins, Victoria and Aaron stayed for a couple of days before they had to go home. On Friday, My mum came to pick my sister and I up. On saturday we packed for a week in Maraetai. My mum won a holiday home there so that is where we stayed for 1 week. On Monday, our car broke down at night so mum called AA and they came 1 ½ after we called and towed us home. We called mobile Mechanics because they came to us and they had our car for the rest of the week, so we went on a bush walk and to the beach. We were going to go to beachlands to get a ferry so we could go to Auckland City but we couldn't because of our car. The mechanics found six things wrong with the car. We had to be out of the holiday home by 10:00 am but our car had not come so we ended up going home at 1:00pm even though the mechanics said it would be there by 12:00pm

What I did in my Holidays

What I did in my Holidays
On the 15th of April I went to my dad’s shop to work, I went in the morning at 6:00am with my dad. When we got there we were setting up the shop and stacked all the fruits and vegetables on the shelves. I was at the counter waiting for people to pay for their fruits and vegetables, my working partner was with me too. My working partner was Fijian and her name was Shitel. My dad was the boss of the fruit and Vegetable shop, my grandpa and my uncle was working for my dad. It was fun working at my dad’s shop, and I earned 50 dollars for working there.

On the 17th of April my whole family was going to the museum with my grandmother that just came from China (which is my mum’s mum). We were going there for the Easter hunt, once we got there I saw a lot of old things from the olden days. I saw a fake cannons there, cannons were used in the war. There was also a room filled with old Chinese things, I saw what they use to sew in the olden days, old cup, old plates and more. Also on that night it was my grandma’s birthday (my dad’s mum), we went to a Chinese restaurant to have dinner. All my uncles on my dad’s side were there with my cousins. We sang happy birthday to my grandma and had a lot of food for dinner, for example fish, chicken, duck and lots more.

On the 30th of April I went to the movies with my sisters, brother and my dad, we watched the Lost Village. After that we went to Pascoes and we bought my mum two things for mothers day. One was a necklace that Vicky, Kathy and Lucas brought with their own money, and I brought my mum a ring with my own money. I was also planning on making a happy mother’s day cake for my mum. Here are some photos.
By Nat

Saturday 15th Work Partner .JPGDSC00948.JPGDSC01020.JPGDSC01019.JPGDSC01034.JPG

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Persuasive Advertisements

This term in writing we have been learning how to use powerful vocabulary to convince an audience to buy our products. We had to make a prototype of our product and a poster to advertise all of it's features, price, where to purchase and how it could make our life easier.

We hope you enjoy watching these!

Room 5

Delilah's advert
Campbell's advert
Emma's advert
Edison's advert
Tane's advert
Jamie's advert
Dayton's advert
Brodi's advert
Lucan's advert
Hemisha's advert
Michael's advert
Rayhaan's advert
Scarlet's advert
Lili's advert
Emily's advert
Charlie's advert
Brayden's advert
Natalie's advert




Thursday, 6 April 2017


Anzac Day

Anzac Day occurs on the 25th of April each year. It
commemorates all New Zealanders killed in war and also honours all of those servicemen and women that survived.
The date itself marks the anniversary of the landing of New Zealand, Australian and Canadian soldiers – the Anzacs – in Gallipoli in 1915. The aim was to capture Gallipoli which was still held by the Turkish. 8,500 Australians and 2,800 New Zealanders died during this battle.

We recognise this day because it is important to all people to show respect to the men and women that went to war, to fight for our country and our pride. Many people died there, but the battle that they fought we were victorious in. The people that died showed bravery to fight when hearing gun fire and not freak out, they were loyal to our country and we thank them for their bravery.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Anzac day

Anzac Day...

Anzac Day is on the 25th of April, it commemorates all of the New Zealand's men who died in the war and honours returned servicemen and women. ANZAC stands for Australian New Zealand Army Corps. 

The date itself marks the anniversary of the landing of New Zealand and Australian soldiers (The Anzacs) at Gallipoli surrounded with water in 1915. The aim was to capture the Dardanelles, the gateway to the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. At the end of the fight, Gallipoli was still held by its Turkish defenders.
Thousands lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign: 87,000 Turks, 44,000 people from France and the British Empire, including 8500 Australians. To this day, Australia also marks the events of 25 April. Among the dead were 2779 New Zealanders, about a sixth of those who served on Gallipoli. That's a lot of dead people!
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Sewing Term One Day Two - By Emma

Day Two
By Emma

In day two of sewing, we made bags got our phones or sunglasses. It was much easier than before believe it or not but I think it was because we had more practice. Before lunch, everyone had made their bags so after lunch, Mrs Notley decided we were going to make hacky sacks! They were fun to make and to play with. We filled them up with sand and let them sit in the sun for a bit.


Sewing Term One Day One - By Emma

Term One
By Emma

Day One
On day one we learnt how to identify different types of materials. Once we knew which was what and what was which; Mrs Notley taught us how to use the Sewing Machines.
She showed us what to do and what not to do. We Practiced
On a scrap piece of material first.
IMG_20170329_104517.jpgScreenshot 2017-03-29 at 3.42.08 PM.png

Anzac day by Edison

on the 25th of April, Anzac day occurs.Anzac day is to remind us about the courage and the sacrifice the Australian and New Zealand made at war.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Anzac By Rayhaan

What is Anzac
Anzac is on the 25th of April.Anzac is a day that we acknowledge all the men and women that fighted.The New Zealanders teamed up with the Australians and forth  it the Gallipoli in Turkey during World War one.Anzac took place in 1916.So we celebrate by wearing popeyes and eating anzac cookies.

By Rayhaan

Anzac Day

Anzac Day

Anzac day is on the 25th of April every single year, on this day we honour all the men and women for participating the wars. Including the New Zealand and Australian who fought against the at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I. It has been over 100 years since world war 1, Anzac day was officially declared was in 1916.

For my family we don’t celebrate anything other than Chinese new year or new years day. So for Anzac day our family and Chinese people don’t really celebrate Anzac Day. But for Australians Anzac day is a very important day for them, they celebrate it anyway even though there are not any people part of your family that joined the war.

By Nat

Anzac Day Blog Post

Anzac day takes place on 25 April. It honours our New Zealand soldiers who have returned from war and have died during the war. 25 April was the day that the New Zealand Soldiers and Australian soldiers landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula 1915. I respect and always go to the Anzac Parades. I think that our New Zealand Soldiers need to be paid respect and honour. These people who went to war have died (and some of them have lived) fighting for our country. 2,721 people died (from New Zealand) and 4,852 people were hurt and wounded.

When we go to Anzac Parades, we support the people there. We pay respect to the people who have died for our country and for the people who have come back alive. Lots and lots of people die in wars and the people who come back are very lucky. I have a family member of mine who went to war and came back alive. His name is Uncle Nova. He is not alive now but he still came back alive! The men who had to go through all of the shooting, killing, injuries and hurt people are lucky enough to be alive.

The red Poppy has become a symbol to remember those who died or who still serve and go to war. In many countries, the Poppy is worn around Armistice day (11 November) but in New Zealand it is worn on Anzac Day. The Poppy has been linked with the battlefield deaths since the time of great war. The plant was one of the first to grow and bloom in the mud and soil of Flanders Field…

  • Delilah :)

Monday, 3 April 2017

Anzac Day - By Emma

Anzac Day 

Anzac Day happens on the 25 of April. We celebrate and acknowledge the solders who had fallen to protect our land. Thousands of lives were lost and injured, in that time. Some people wear poppies to celebrate Anzac Day because the war was also on a poppy field.
Others back a cookie called Anzac Cookies because the solders had to eat hard foods in the war.
Anzac is a remembrance of how our land was defended by those brave enough to fight for it. Those who defended our land are the ones we celebrate; parades go on at like 5:00 am to celebrate Anzac. I think it is that early because that is when the solders had to get up for training.

By Emma

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Anzac day

Anzac day is important to my family because we remember the soldiers fought for a country and Anzac day that why Anzac day is important for our family and the whole of NZ, and it’s my mum’s birthday on Anzac day so that is special to. I love Anzac day.  

BY: Jamie Wickes 

Technology:Soft Materials (Sewing Class)

These are the three items that I made under the expert tautology of Mrs. Notley and Mrs. Cantley the items didn't turn out to look like how I expected but even if I failed I'd learn from my mistakes and make it better than before so in conclusion I really enjoyed this class and look forward to taking it next year

Thursday, 30 March 2017


For my technology I did electronics

On the first day we made an circuit out of diodes, next we made a low voltage tester out of a Popsicle stick with copper button,copper strip and a resistor to make it and we also had to do some soldering on it so it would work and it was so cool.

On the next day we made a steady hand game it took as the whole entire day to make it but it was worth it since mine work.

By Tane

Technology - Soft material

Soft material

We made a bag and a t towel and also we made

1.So 1st we had to choose our material
2.we had to measure our material
3.we had to cut our material the size you want
4.Next we did was pinning the corners
5.And then after that sewing your object


Digital Photography

Digital Photography

When we did digital photography with Miss Fothergil we had to take photos and learn how to use pick monkey. When we took photos we had to take them on the sides not just in the middle, it makes the photo more powerful if we take on the sides. Also we had to take photos down on the ground and a photo that is facing downwards. After that we had to put it on pick monkey and crop the photo then add to our slides. The elements of taking a photo is colour, light, line and moment. Here are some photos I took.

By Nat

technology By rayhaan

What I did for technology……….

Iam doing soft materials
The first item we made was a towel and the steps we took was first thing we did was we had to find a piece of material and had to measure it and after we measured it we had to cut it out.We had to iron it and after we had iron it we had to then pin it to the towel and then we had to sew it on and this it what it looks like

I also made a bag the next day and to make that bag I had to get a piece of material and then measure it the after measuring it I went to cut it out and after cutting it out I had to fold the top and then stitch it.We had to then stitch it together then we we turned it out side out and then we added our srip.

Technology, Term 1 2017 By Emma

Day one of technology.
For technology I had sewing with Mrs Notley.
We first were taught how to identify different types of materials. After that she tested us, using the materials.

We made tea towels for the first session. It was harder than I thought to be honest. We had to measure and cut the material, Which was hard at first because the scissors didn’t work very well.

Day two.
In day two we made bags for our phones or sunglasses which was easier than the tea towels, believe it or not. After lunch we made hacky sacks which was easier again.


For Technology I did electronics and it was really fun!!!
What we did for electronics we made a hand made game and we got to use a soldering iron,soldering wire,safety glasses,wires, and a lot more. My favorite thing I did there was I got to know how to use a soldering iron. At the start I did not really know what to do but like kind of in the middle I got used to it.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Technology ( Blog Post ) -Lucan

For technology what me and the group done was 6 assignments that Mrs father girl asked of us. so for the first assignment was the Rule of THIRDS!!. it was taking 3 photos and put a photo in like a corner or in the other corners. ASSIGNMENT 2! was named Zoom,Zoom,Zoom and it was taking photos of something but going closer every time. Assignment 3 was Giraffe,Mouse,Possum and it was taking photos of perspectives like for mouse you would take a photo on the ground looking straight or upwards and giraffe is taking a photo from high looking down at something. and possum was a photo that can see all around or at 1 object. Assignment 4 was named four faces and it was taking photos in different perspectives like a head shot photo or a frame shot,interesting body part and interesting perspective. assignment 5 was about making digital flashcards and i done it with Charlie and Edwardo and me of course :). and it was abc like being respectful and you had to take a photo of. (example) you need to take a photo of someone doing a bad thing and then a good thing. last but not least assignment 6! was a fun activity it was taking photos of the whole ALPHABIT (i couldn't make it smaller) in photos like D for delilah (Done :D)

Technology Term 1 By Brayden

For technology I did sowing so wat I did first was making a tea towel so what I did was cut a sheet of fabric then pinned it 1cm so it would look nice. Then once I did that I ironed the tea towel and the fabric. Next I measured to 7cm from the tea towel. Then finally I pinned the tea towel and the fabric then sewed it with straight stitch.

For the next day we made drawstring bags so what we did was get a 28cm length and 28cm width. After folding it so the drawstring sleeve is showing leave two centimeters then cross stich the hanging sides. After I did that I turned that inside out then thread the drawstring through the sleeve then tieing a knot I had completed it.

Next I made a green drawstring using the previous steps then I helped tidy up. After lunch I made a hackey sack so I cut 15cm by 10cm and I repeated it so I had two looking the same then I sewed it up leaving the top up.. Well I did not so I did everything so I did the two small sides 1 long side and half of a long side stuffed it with sand then sewed it up the packed up


For technology I did electronics and it was really fun because we a hand made game and we use a soldering iron to stick together instead of glue it is stronger. But don’t touch the  soldering iron because is really hot. When we  soldering iron we need safety glasses. Mr fourie gave as a riddle it is  soldering iron down 1 2 3 soldering wire down 1 2 3 soldering wire up 1 2 3 soldering iron back.

By: Jamie Wickes      

Thursday, 23 March 2017

who inspires me

I think my uncle inspires me because he say to follow my dreams  so i do.And he helps me with my drawing  and he helps me with my work so that's why i think my uncle inspires me.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Being water Smart. -By Emma

Why we need to be water smart:

There has been contaminated water going around in Auckland due to all of our storms; the problem is not that we don't have enough water but that too MUCH water has been contaminated. The Problem is that silt has gotten into the dams and due to that all of Auckland needs to save and consume water. If each person uses 20 Liters less a day, this problem will be solved faster.

The Things That Could Happen If We Didn't Save Water:

If we do not start to save water now, We will end up having to boil our water every time we need to use it; This mean we will have to boil water before we drink, before we shower, before we wash our hands, before we brush our teeth; basically instead of turning on the tap we will have to boil it.

Tips On How To Be Water Smart:

  • When you are going to brush your teeth, don’t leave the water running as you brush your teeth
  • Take shorter showers
  • If you have just washed you hands; don’t leave the tap running while you dry them
  • Check for Leakages

Being water Smart By Sofia

Being Water Smart 

Due to the heavy rain that Auckland has had there is not enough water for everyone because some of the water has been infested with silt so everyone needs to lower to two less buckets a day.
Tips And Tricks On The Usage Of Water
1. Cut your shower time by two minutes: Approximate saving = 16 litres
2. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth. Approximate saving = 4 litres
3. Only run your dishwasher when it’s full.
4. Only run your washing machine when it’s full.
5. Use the half-flush on your toilet.

What Your Life Will Be Like If You Use Too Much Water
(until the water has been decontaminated)

We would end up having to boil our water each time if you use too much water and who wants to boil water every time you have a shower or brush your teeth.

Being Water Smart? - Delilah

Image result for dirty water

Are you being water smart?

There has recently been a storm in Auckland and has created dirty water. Watercare dams in Hunua Ranges have been contaminated with silt. This situation we are in is very bad because if we use too much water, we will only have dirty and unhealthy water. Nobody wants that! Here are some ways we can save water and save our water supply

  • Take shorter showers
  • Don’t keep the tap running when brushing your teeth or shaving  (this can save 6 litres of water per minute)
  • When washing your car, go to the car wash instead of doing it yourself

If we waste water, we will have to drink dirty water and dirty water can give you LOTS of bad diseases like…

  • Cholera
  • Amoebiasis
  • Dysentery
  • Hepatitis
  • Lead Poisoning
  • Malaria
  • Polyomavirus Infection
  • Waterborne
  • Guinea worm

By Delilah!