Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tradition story

Villagers and that lived in the forever village are very talented at music but they are dying one by one, killed, eaten by the werewolfs. a villager manage to escape, a  werewolf went after her they crossed over mountains by mountains, rivers by river until they arrived to the light city. But after they went in the city the werewolf lost track where the villager was going

3 years later on the first day of Musical school the teacher that is in Room 3 asked two new girls what’s there name and where they from. The girl on the left told the class her name is Bella, the girl on the right did the same her name was Mella. When Bella and Mella told the class they are from forever village everyone laughed, a classmate of theirs called out “forever village disappeared 3 years ago.” “yeah, we are the only ones that survived” said Bella “girls you can sit on the far table there.” said the teacher. Bella

When Room 3 had their first test which is about piano this time Mella came first and Bella came second, “I am going to bet you next time” Chuckled Bella But Mella just went away. She knew she was the only one that manage to escape “maybe she is another villager?” she thought this in her head but of course she’s wrong, Bella is actually the werewolf that tried to kill Mella. Bella’s plan was to be alone with Mella than eat her.

On the next day Bella was pretending to be nice to Mella and Mella believed in her they went to Bella’s room for a sleepover, later that night Bella turned into a werewolf and jumped on to Mella and before Mella could say anything she died.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

How The Whale Got FAT

A long time ago Whales actually were small creatures. Wales had a problem, they had a addiction of eating to much food and not leaving anything for other creatures. After a while sea creatures were getting weak and hungry.

One Whale called Larry ate one to many fish and was small creatures. He was ugly and no one like him because he was mean.One day he ate a dolphin king. Someone got angry and punished him he was unknown and has great powers he was call the stalker.

The stalker said to larry he has to much dolphins so he decided to punish all of the dolphins for larry's acts but he changed his mind he gave a condition if larry ate one more dolphin he would be killed and the others will be punished but larry did not listen he was to mad he ate a baby whale started at the head and the blood went everywhere

the stalker sensed it with his powers he summoned lary and killed them the stalker was still very angry and he punished all of the whales by making them fat and making them lose their teeth. The stalker was sorry for the dolphins so he gave them a present their voice and a myth that they would be a famous animal

Over 100,000 years later. Humans have evolved whales are considered the fastest animal on earth and the dolphins have been a very famous creature. But one dolphin want to kill the stalker



Hi! I’m a bull! My name is bully, for some reason. My owners named me that. What does that mean? I don’t know. Anyways, I want to tell you a short story about what happened around a year ago, to me.

It was a nice and warm Tuesday. I was just chewing on some grass when I saw something. A man, stepped into my den. He was wearing a nice t-shirt. It looked warm, and I wanted to touch it. On a tv screen to my left had a picture of a t-shirt looking the same as the one the man was wearing. Next to that, it said it was called: ‘Red’ I ran over to touch ‘red’ when I realised the man had a gun. I was sprinting at him, until… BLAM! He shot me! Blood was pouring out of me. I got up, and ran into my little house. I cleaned up the blood, ran out, and rammed him. I went back to my house, and noticed his t-shirt was stuck to my horns. I tried as hard as I can to get it off me, but it wouldn’t. I hated red then on.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

BAD HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bad house
Once upon a time there lived a boy and a family then the mum said to the child named Jimmy Mum said go get dinner but Jimmy sore a sword and then Jimmy bought that home and then Jimmy’s mum said want are we going to have for dinner Jimmy said we can eat you then Jimmy chopped up his mum and then the dad said what are we having for dinner Jimmy said it is mcdonalds then Jimmy’s dad ate it and then died then Jimmy had no parents so then Jimmy went to go live with his friend and then he got there and his friend said why are you here because I chopped my mum up and my dad died then Jimmy’s friend said get out of here then Jimmy was homeless then Jimmy learned from his mistake then he wanted to change everything then Jimmy decided to make a time machine but then Jimmy had to go find all the things to make a time machine but Jimmy doesn't even know how to make a time machine so then Jimmy had an idea because it was 15 years later so then Jimmy had a idea to go back to his house and people say that Jimmy’s mum and dad haunt the place but Jimmy knew that ghost aren’t real so Jimmy went in there so Jimmy went in there then Jimmy could “JIMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU” said a random person Jimmy knew it was nothing then Jimmy found the first thing to build his time machine it is a clock and then the random person said to Jimmy “WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME JIMMY I WILL STEAL THE CLOCK IF YOU DON’T PLAY WITH ME” “no I will bring you back” said Jimmy “HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS ME JIMMY” said random person. “Who wait MUM” “YES YOU REMEMBER ME HOW WILL YOU BRING ME BACK TO LIFE” said Jimmy’s mum “I am making a time machine” said Jimmy “OH OKAY WELL THEN I DON’T FORGIVE YOU WHAT YOU DID” said Jimmy’s mum “why” said Jimmy “DON’T YOU REMEMBER YOU ATE ME FOR DINNER” “yeah that is why I am going to build a time machine” said Jimmy then Jimmy ran away into the bathroom then Jimmy found the next thing a leaver then Jimmy heard another voice but it wasn't Jimmy’s mum voice. “JIMMYYYYYYY I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU” then Jimmy just kept on running around like a headless chicken then Jimmy found everything then Jimmy just needed a wrench but then it was floating then there were two voices “JIMMY WE WILL GIVE YOU THE WRENCH BUT YOU NEED TO PLAY WITH US” “okay then” said Jimmy then Jimmy got polarise then he just needed to whack the toilet then he did then back to the past then Jimmy’s mum said can you  go get dinner and Jimmy said sure then when Jimmy was out Jimmy saw himself getting the sword then future Jimmy punched him and past Jimmy despaired then future Jimmy put the sword back then bought dinner and lived happily ever after but Past Jimmy was still alive to be continued

By: Jamie       


Greg The Not So Slow Sloth

Greg The Not So Slow Sloth

There was once a sloth named Greg he wasn’t special he was as normal as can be but if you can believe this he was fast like you or me but he was always living life slowly never up to speed and because of this he was cursed to move extremely slow.

Now Greg is trying to live his life up to speed and he is very slowly regaining his speed

Morale of the story:No matter what you’re like fast or slow always live your life up to speed or you will end up like Greg cursed to be slow.

Why Pandora Box is bad by Rayhaan

Why Pandoras Box is bad
Pandora's box is bad because it contains bad things and who ever opens it will get something bad and then it will haunt you and pandora was the first woman on earth.The box contains disease and war and many bad things and these bad things come out when people disobey gods.
The myth came by bad things happening and by people dieing and people getting sick and then one person had opened pandora's box and all of the bad things came out and the only way to stop all the bad things to close the box and then all of the evil things will go away.All the humans had to fight all the bad spirits and diseases and other bad stuff and lots of people had to get kill and that is all because of one person and lots of people had to get killed and some brave people try to shut pandora box so all of the bad things will go away but all of them failed.
One man was strong enough to punch through all the evil thing that were coming out of the box and that was the strongest man in there village but that strong man went too far in and all of the bad thing shunned him and trapped him and ate him and all the evil things became stronger and stronger.
So the war from pandora's box kept on happenings and more people kept on dying  and the people thigh of a way of how to shut pandora's box by making a catapult and putting a big rock on it and shooting it on top of pandora's box and that will close it.
So the people did it and they did it they closed pandora's box and then all the bad things disappear and all of the people where fine expect for all the dead people.everything was messy so the people had to clean it and they cleaned it and everybody was fine except for all of the dead people.The person that opened Pandora's box got sentenced for death.  The End  
Moral of the story don't open a random box you don't know what's inside.
By Rayhaan

3AM! by Lucan

Writing about 3:00 am

Why 3am is bad
3:00 am is bad cause all the spirits of the devil comes out to haunt a random location / house. Wherever they go leaves a path of terrified people. The spirits of the devil come out at 3am cause 3am is k/ Witches hour. Many youtubers have made videos on 3am and if you know 3am is known as the “Devil's hour.it is terrifying To see People on youtube do the 3am challenge on events like the Eclipse,Halloween and more events and in all the events different things happen on halloween a youtuber managed to catch a black figure in a bush and started to run then the black figure was running too the video cut off when he was hiding behind a tree then he looked behind him and the black figure was there the video ended there. Guava juice is a known youtuber he done 3am challenge on the Eclipse and if u do not know what the Eclipse is it is when the moon blocks the sun and then it goes dark then he went to an abandoned farm and found dolls lying on trees then he ran and fell on the grass then hurt his leg. He was telling his cousin to help then his eyes closed then opened he started screaming and trying to attack his cousin the cousin immediately told the recorder to stop the recording and it cut off with Guava juice attacking his cousin while screaming.

Why does it have to be 3am
I done some research about this and i can only find a youtuber which is Guava juice and he explained about it warning though it may or not be true. “The devils come out at 3am because god died at 3pm and the devils mock that fact” that was the exact words Guava juice said and i believe it is correct but i may be wrong cause cultures think different about god and 3am so yeah.

Will the spirits come for you?
The spirits come out at 3am like normal but it will go for only those who stay up or wake up at 3am those who are asleep at that time will be left alone for an unknown reason.

What will you experience at 3am?

You will experience a whole lot of scary things only if the spirits come after you. I have done this challenge believe it or not and i heard a bunch of noises from the front of my house. It sounded like screaming and a whole lotta other stuff. And i knew it was not my family cause i was the only one on the awake playing on my computer with my friend Dayton then the noises came out of nowhere and i went STRAIGHT to bed… cause if you stay up or wake up at 3am you have to go to sleep till it ends which is at 4am at 4am they go back in to where ever they came from / the devil.